SPOILER: A Fan-Favorite Mutant Has Been Confirmed For ‘Deadpool 2’ Source: Gamespot

It looks like the Deadpool sequel will see a familiar teammate join the Merc With a Mouth for his next fourth wall-breaking adventure.

If you don’t want to know any details about Deadpool or its sequel, it’s probably best to stop reading now.




According to, the second posts-credits scene from the new R-Rated superhero flick confirms that time-traveler Cable will turn up in the sequel, which was greenlit by Fox earlier this week.

In typical Deadpool fashion, Cable doesn’t actually appear in the scene, but rather, Deadpool pops up and announces plans to introduce the character in the next film. If true, this would mark the first time that the character has appeared in the X-movie universe (kind of surprising that it’s taken this long, no?).

For Cable fans’ sake, we just hope Deadpool can earn enough to justify that sequel. We don’t need another Fantastic Four situation on our hands.

(via: ComicBookMovie)