Spider-Man: Far From Home Set Photos Reveal Yet Another New Suit

Recently, a video was recorded near one of the Spider-Man: Far From Home film sets, and it’s revealed some pretty interesting aspects about the upcoming, highly anticipated addition to the Spider-Man franchise.

The footage shown depicts Spider-Man with Zendaya’s MJ in one arm, swinging from a web with his other hand. In the video all we can see is a blue screen behind them, however looking past that is a sneak peek at one of the (apparently multiple) Spider suits that Parker will be wearing throughout the film.

It’s hard to know for sure what we’re hearing in this clip, but fans are working hard to figure out decisively what she’s saying. Some are saying it could be Peter Parker’s name.

In a separate but also recent leak, the hero was seen in a Prague film set, wearing what appeared to be a form of his Stealth Armour.

So with the presence of other previously revealed suits in mind, viewing this set of armor has led to speculation that we could be looking at a Superior Spider-Man styled suit, as it certainly looks like one.

You can see the leak of his apparent stealth suit below!

Both of these leaks, along with one potentially having revealed a glimpse of Mysterio, it’d seem a lot of important information is being released early as a result of the variety of set locations. Either way, these have a lot of people excited for the upcoming film.

What’re your thoughts on the recent Far From Home leaks? What do you think is being said in the clip above? Let us know in the comments section!

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Source: ScreenRant


Liam Bentley

Liam Bentley

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