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Sony Announces Release Date for Standalone ‘Venom’ Movie Via

Wait, Sony is making a Venom movie? That was our reaction too.

Even thought Sony pictures has loaned the rights to use Spider-Man back to Marvel/Disney to have included in Captain America: Civil War and the upcoming Infinity War films, they maintain the rights to one Spidey’s most iconic villains, the symbiote known as Venom. And even though the last couple of Spider-Man movies kind of sucked, Sony is going to keep making movies about these characters.

Sony announced this week that a standalone Venom movie will be released October 5, 2018. Other than that, though, there is no news. No director is attached to the project and there have been zero casting announcements. They did suggest that this would be the first in a series of movies about Venom, hoping that the first one will jumpstart an entire new movie franchise for the studio.

Venom appeared in 2007’s Spider-Man 3, played by Topher Grace in a casting choice that was incredibly strange. The entire movie was poorly received, although it still made almost $900 million at the box office, as these big comic movies tend to do.