Seth Rogen Helped Rewrite “Bad Boys II”

Seth Rogen and longtime friend/writing partner Evan Goldberg are well known for creating classics like Superbad and Pineapple Express, but what some fans might not know is the comedic duo also helped rewrite Bad Boys II.

Before the release of Superbad in 2007, Rogen and Goldberg were struggling to make ends meet, so Judd Apatow stepped in and hired the duo to assist with some rewrites. Although it might sound hard to believe, the BC native confirmed his connection yesterday during a Twitter exchange with entertainment writer Eric Vespe.

This revelation quickly got the attention of fellow comedian Paul Scheer, who commented, “What?! I want to know EVERYTHING.” Rogen went on to explain how he and Goldberg landed the gig and, thanks to Apatow, are responsible for adding some humor to the buddy cop sequel.

Source: Comicbook