Robert Redford Regrets Announcing Retirement From Acting

Legendary actor Robert Redford has a new movie, The Old Man & The Gun, out at the end of the month … which is kind of funny because we thought he was done with the whole acting game.

Back in 2016, Redford announced his retirement from acting, though he noted at the time that he would be sticking around until he finished his next two films: Our Souls at Night and The Old Man & The Gun. And then just last month, Redford reiterated his desire to retire, explaining that The Old Man & The Gun would be his last time in front of the camera. However, it looks like that may no longer be the case.

In an interview with Variety at the premiere of The Old Man & The Gun, Redford admitted that he regrets announcing his retirement. “That was a mistake,” Redford said when asked about his previous retirement claims. “I should never have said that. If I’m going to retire, I should just slip quietly away from acting, but I shouldn’t be talking about it because I think it draws too much attention in the wrong way. I want to be focused on this film and the cast.” Then the kicker: the reporter asked if this would be Redford’s final film, to which he responded, “I’m not answering that. Keep the mystery alive.”

Whether or not The Old Man & The Gun is Redford’s last on-screen performance, the 82-year-old actor has left behind an incredible body of work. And hey, when one of your final roles is playing a villain in one of the best superhero movies ever made, you’ve definitely gone out on top.

Source: Variety

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)