Spider-Man: Homecoming

REPORT: Marvel Has Found Their Mary Jane For ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

The casting rumors surrounding Spider-Man: Homecoming have been interesting to follow, as Marvel has been surprisingly secretive about which roles certain actors are set to play.

Perhaps the most mysterious casting choice so far has been 19-year-old Disney Channel star Zendaya, who was cast in an unspecified role earlier this year. Fans have long speculated whom Zendaya would play and thanks to a new report from TheWrap, it looks like she will be playing none other than Mary Jane Watson.

Two sources close to the project told TheWrap that at least one recent draft of the script features Zendaya’s character dropping clues to her identity as Mary Jane, who is without a doubt one of the most popular non-superpowered characters in the Marvel universe and Spidey’s most famous love interest.

Source: Disney

If you’ll recall, Zendaya, the star of the Disney Channel series “Shake It Up!” and “K.C. Undercover” was cast in Spider-Man: Homecoming back in March to play a “key role” as a character named Michelle. In footage shown at Comic-Con this year, Zendaya’s character was shown wearing baggy clothes and had messy hair, so the eventual reveal that she’s actually MJ would make sense. In the early Spider-Man comics, Peter Parker dodged his Aunt May’s attempts to set him up with the “girl next door” because he assumed she wasn’t his type, until it was later revealed that she was a bombshell. Marvel may be looking to do a modern spin on this type of reveal.

Of course, Zendaya’s casting is guaranteed to cause an intense, racist fanboy backlash considering she’s not a redheaded white woman, so that will be fun to watch play out.

Spider-Man: Homecoming comes out July 7, 2017.

(Source: TheWrap)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)