Last week, the internet was set abuzz by the news that Netflix had hidden secret categories of movies. The only way you could access these were if you knew the exact URL of the category you wanted, and the list was super long. We’re talking hundreds of obscure categories, like “Satanic Horror Films” or “Late Night Comedies” or “Gritty Latino Crime Dramas.”

Well rather than check some sort of printed list or online spreadsheet to find them, Reddit user CrysisXD made this handy web browser extension for Chrome (and later added a Firefox version) that conveniently gives users a drop down list of all the different categories of movies that Netflix has in their system.

Honestly, why wasn’t this part of Netflix already? In a world where we probably spend more time browsing Netflix titles for something to watch than we actually do watching Netflix, anything that helps us narrow down the selection seems like a no-brainer.

If you install it and it doesn’t work it, try disabling your ad-blocker for Netflix. According to CrysisXD, some adblockers see the additional code as advertising instead of a useful Netflix add-on.