Randy Orton

Randy Orton Channels His Inner Stone Cold Steve Austin in ‘The Condemned 2’

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Apparently receiving a 15% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes and earning only half of your total budget at the box office is enough to make The Comdemned 2 a thing, the sequel that no one asked for.

The original starred “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and Vinnie Jones and was about a 10-man tournament where unlucky combatants had to fight to the death while the world watched. Yes, that doesn’t sound exactly like the Hunger Games. Except this movie was released in 2007, and the first Hunger Games novel didn’t come out until 2008. But whatever.

Since the WWE apparently has money to burn, they ponied up the cash to make a sequel — this time starring current superstar Randy Orton. So what’s different about this movie? Umm, it takes place in a desert and only has six deadly warriors instead of ten (thanks, budget cuts). If the trailer is any indication, most of the budget went to making things explode.