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‘Power Rangers’ Actor Reveals Why The Original Cast Aren’t In The New Film

With Hollywood going reboot and remake crazy the past few years, it’s become commonplace for members of the original cast and creators to make cameo appearances (the best in recent memory has to be Johnny Depp’s bizarre appearance and subsequent death in 2012’s 21 Jump Street). Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like the 2017 Power Rangers reboot will be featuring any members of the original cast from the ’90s TV show, which seems odd considering the new film features the same set of characters as the first Power Rangers incarnation.

According to Walter Jones, who played Zack the Black Ranger on the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers TV series, he highly doubts there will be any cameos from him or his fellow Power Rangers actors in the new film because they were never asked to do it.

“Unfortunately we were not invited to be part of the film,” Jones told Audibly Exquisite. “Which is confusing to me, but I’m excited about the film nevertheless.”

Although there is still time for Lionsgate to add some cameos to the Power Rangers reboot, with the film hitting theaters March 24, 2017, the window is closing fast. If the film, which stars Becky G, Ludi Lin, Dacre Mongomery, Naomi Scott, and RJ Cyler as the new generation of Power Rangers, doesn’t feature cameos from the original cast, it will definitely be a missed opportunity, especially for a film that is heavily relying on nostalgia to sell itself to audiences. But with the likes of Elizabeth Banks playing Rita Repulsa and Bryan Cranston playing Zordon, perhaps the reboot doesn’t need token cameos to stand on its own …

(Source: EW)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)