Original ‘Deadpool’ Concept Art Shows ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin As Main Villain Via

We loved Deadpool. It’s actually hard to imagine us loving it more than we already do. But if you told us that there were once plans to make a movie that included Deadpool doing battle with “Stone Cold” Steve Austin? Well, we admit, we’d probably love that pretty damn hard too.

Kelton Cram, a professional concept artists, recently spoke to about some work he did for the original vision of Deadpool, before Fox changed things up and created the movie we all know and love. Early concepts for the Merc with a Mouth film included Deadpool facing off against The Marauders, a group of X-Men villains led by a mutant named Random.

In a gallery posted to Imgur, Cram shows some of the first ideas for the Deadpool costume, as well as the Texas Rattlesnake in a pretty intimidating getup as Random. Alas, the original plans were all scrapped and Austin would not appear in the film. But hey, there’s always the sequel, right? Via Imgur Via Imgur Via Imgur Via Imgur Via Imgur Via Imgur