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New Trailer Shows Christian Bale As Dick Cheney In ‘Vice’

The upcoming film Vice will follow the story of George Bush’s Vice President Dick Cheney, and it looks fantastic!

It’ll star Christian Bale as the main character Dick Cheney and follow his story in wanting to change the way Vice Presidents behave. He feels that he’s too much of a man of action to be in a traditionally symbolic position like Vice President, but if Bush was willing to give him some special treatment he’d be interested.

Looking to take control of major components of government rather than taking a backseat while the President did his business, Bale’s performance as Vice President shows him demanding control of the United States’ bureaucracy, military, energy and foreign policy.

We’re posted the trailer here for you to check out!

This looks like a truly fascinating political film, and for such a fantastic actor like Christian Bale who’s known to be rather selective about his roles due to his desire to produce fantastic depictions like he did in The Dark Knight, it seems unlikely that Bale would have accepted this role if the story and the script wasn’t done well, especially when he’s turned down previous roles like James Bond.. which are nothing short of a great production.

What’re your thoughts on the production after watching the trailer?

Source: IGN

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Liam Bentley

Liam Bentley

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