Netflix Had Secret Codes That Can Be Used To Unlock Oddly Specific Movie Categories Via

When you log on to Netflix, you’re generally greeted with fairly standard movie categories. Whether it’s “New Releases” or “Romantic Comedies” or “Suspense Thrillers”, Netflix will sort their movies out in a way that you can browse the sections you’re most interested in.

However, if you’re using Netflix from a web browser, you can use a specific URL — — and keep changing the numbers at the end to find very specific, and sometimes strange, new genres of films.

For example, clicking the above link will take you to “Quirky Independent Showbiz Dramas.” Typing in 2320 will get you “Scandinavian Movies from the 1970s.” Try 2872 for “Gritty Latin American Movies.”

In fact, there’s a whole list right here. (That link is broken — just go get the new browser extension!) There are literally thousands of these things!

Since half of the average “Netflix and chill” time is spent browsing for something to actually watch, maybe this will help those who have very specific tastes. Or maybe it will just lead to more indecision.

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