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Michael B. Jordan Set To Lead New Tom Clancy Film Series

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Thanks to the recent success of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan starring Jack Krasinski on Amazon Prime, producers are eager to push more of Clancy’s work to the big screen. Fortunately, there’ plenty of it to go around.

One confirmed addition to the Tom Clancy film world is the development of a new film series with Michael B Jordan starring as the main character, John Clark.

In Clancy’s novels, John Clark is an ex Navy Seal converted into an operations officer for the CIA. The character John Clark has appeared in a total of 17 novels, beginning with The Cardinal of the Kremlin, released in 1988.

Paramount is currently creating films based on Tom Clancy’s books Rainbow Six and Without Remorse. Without Remorse will be the first film to release, acting as an origin story for Michael B Jordan’s John Clark. In the past, this character has been more of a secondary character, often assisting Jack Ryan. Could it be possible we might see Jordan’s John Clark and Krasinski’s Jack Ryan team up together in a future Tom Clancy movie/TV crossover event?

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Paramount has been trying to get big screen adaptations of Without Remorse and Rainbow Six off the ground for years, initially considering Ryan Reynolds for the role of Jack Ryan. With his recent success playing Killmonger in Black Panther, Michael B Jordan has shown the world his acting capability and it’s exciting to see him getting more screen time in a story of his own. Jordan currently has Creed 2 in progress and has set his new legal drama Just Mercy to release in the fall.

Source: Variety

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