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M. Night Shyamalan Offers New Details on ‘Split’ Sequel

If you haven’t seen Split yet, and have any intention of ever bothering to, you should not read any further. This article will absolutely spoil an incredibly cool ending that you don’t want spoiled.

Seriously, I’m gonna ruin this movie for you, so get lost.

If you’re still here, I assume that you have either already seen M. Night Shyamalan’s latest movie, already had it spoiled (how unfortunate), or simply don’t care. Regardless, you’re past the point of no return.

At the very end of Split, we discover that Shyamalan has placed the entire movie inside the existing universe of Unbreakable, his critically acclaimed movie from 2000. Bruce Willis makes a brief cameo as reluctant superhero David Dunn, and they reference Samuel L. Jackson’s villain Elijah “Mr. Glass” Price. Split is suddenly and instantly reframed, going from a weird thriller movie into an supervillain origins story, with James McAvoy’s character of Kevin Wendell Crumb aka The Horde as the latest supernatural being known in the Unbreakable universe.

Shyamalan has already revealed that his next movie would be a full Unbreakable sequel (presumably starring Willis, and possibly McAvoy and/or Jackson). That part is no longer news. The new information comes from an episode of the “HappySadConfused” podcast, where he talks about the upcoming sequel in more details.

Transcribed by Collider:

My thought bubble would be—again don’t hold me to this—but Elijah never got out of the institution. He was just a guy who believed this, but David doesn’t quite 100% believe it that way, he just thinks that he is particularly meant to do this and is kind of faded a little bit. Like this idea of comic books that Elijah was saying the comic book world is based on reality, that it’s real—there’s no other evidence for this. It’s this crazy guy who has this bone disorder who’s in an insane asylum. But then [the news story at the end of Split] comes up and he’s like, ‘Oh my God, he’s right.’

He hasn’t finalized the story by any means, as he’s hoping to construct the story in a way that the new film would be able to stand alone, even if the viewer had no previous knowledge of Unbreakable or Split.

All I can say is this: If Unbreakable was about a guy who is the only person who survives a train wreck, everyone dies and he doesn’t have a scratch on him. How is that possible? That’s a high concept, really cool story. And then this one is three girls get abducted by a person that has this disorder that he believes he’s many people, and all of the different personalities are saying there’s another personality coming to get them, it’s called The Beast. That in and of itself is a really cool thing. This third movie needs to have its own idea. The high concept of that final movie can’t be, ‘It’s the final Unbreakable.’ There has to be something about that that makes it its own movie… That’s when I’ll be happiest, is when it’s its own movie. In a way it could be watched by itself.

Shyamalan also revealed that he cut a different animated version of the end credits scene, which featured The Beast, David Dunn, and Mr. Glass interacting in a graphic novel/comic book. However, he ended up removing it entirely, feeling it took away from the story that preceded it.

When I saw it done I was like, ‘This is a f**king home run,’ and then when I put it on the movie it didn’t work… It’s one thing to say, ‘You saw an origin story,’ but to go into other characters…David Dunn is reacting to the news of The Horde. End of story. If you keep going it starts to undermine the movie you just saw.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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