Louis CK Claims He Lost ‘$35 Million In An Hour’ Over Sexual Misconduct

Louis CK has been back on the stand-up comedy circuit for a couple months now after taking an extended hiatus and is now addressing the events of the last year on stage.

In November 2017, CK admitted to masturbating in front of or asking to masturbate in front of multiple women, prompting an exit from public life for much of 2018. As TheWrap reports (via LaughSpin), during a recent Wednesday set at the West Side Comedy Club, CK said he “lost $35 million in an hour” due to the revelations about his sexual misconduct.

CK’s figure may not be an exaggeration either, as a person with knowledge of the comedian’s pre-scandal earnings told TheWrap that the $35 million figure is probably “very real.”

Host AMarie Castillo said that CK opened his West Side Comedy Club set with, “It’s been a weird year,” and according to LaughSpin, kept saying he’s been to “Hell and back,” throughout the set.

“It’s like he didn’t even skip a beat with the year he had,” Castillo said. “He was so genuine and reflected on how weird his year was, tried out some new dark and dirty material … Sounds to me he is owning up, acknowledging, and trying to figure it out.”

Neither CK nor his representatives responded to TheWrap’s requests for comments on this story.

Source: TheWrap, LaughSpin

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)