Golden Globes

Jason Momoa Wore A Tank Top At The Golden Globes… Because He Can

Source: Screenshot via Warner Bros.

Usually, award shows like the Golden Globes are considered black tie events, and although fashion has evolved over the years, guests are still expected to arrive in formal attire…. unless you’re Jason Momoa.

The actor showed up to the event wearing a stylish dark green jacket, but as you’ll see below, it didn’t take long for the Aquaman star to remove the blazer and treat everyone to his own personal gun show.

In all fairness, as you can see above, Momoa’s beautiful wife, Lisa Bonet, is wearing the green jacket, which likely means she was cold, and being a gentleman, Momoa was willing to go sleeveless at the 77th Golden Globes to make his wife happy.

Maybe chivalry isn’t dead after all.

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