James Franco “Felt Awful” About Making The ‘Spider-Man’ Movies

Whatever your opinion about the truly bizarre career of James Franco, you have to give the guy credit for being seemingly game to try anything. Here’s an actor who is just as likely to make a stoner comedy with Seth Rogen as he is to star in and direct a Faulkner adaptation, all while pursuing multiple PhDs. Yes, James Franco has had quite the eclectic career but even he isn’t a fan of everything he’s worked on.

While speaking to the Hollywood Reporter about J.J. Abrams’ time travel miniseries 11.22.63. this week, Franco was asked whether he would change anything about his life and his reply wasn’t exactly kind to one well-known franchise in particular:

“I would say yes, there are certain things that you just would want to warn people about, but on the other hand, if I look back at just the small events of my own life, I know that sometimes the hardest things I had to go through or the most adverse things I had to experience are the things that changed me for the better. Just a really small example is, when I was younger, I did a series of movies that I really didn’t like. I worked really hard on them, but they weren’t movies that I cared about. And after they came out, I just felt so awful. So I could say, ‘oh, I would go back and not do those movies,’ but in fact by doing those movies, I realized, ‘oh, never make decisions based on career or what other people tell you anymore.’ Only do projects that you care about, that you believe in, and that idea really just came out of having a bad experience on those movies.”

Although he doesn’t reference it by name, it’s pretty clear that Franco is talking about Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, in which he played Harry Osborn. Like most things Franco does, calling out the franchise that literally made your career as beneath you is a bit of an odd move, but this is James Franco we’re talking about. We’re pretty sure he operates on a wholly different plain of existence than the rest of us.

(via: Uproxx)


Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)