It Looks Like Batman Appears In ‘Titans’ After All

With Robin set to be the lead in DC’s new live-action TV series Titans, fans have wondered to what degree Batman will be involved in Dick Grayson’s story. We know that Robin has broken away from Batman in a big way (who can forget the “F–k Batman” moment from the trailer?) when Titans begins, but it’s been a big unclear whether Batman will actually be a character in the show or a figure relegated to off-screen references. Well, it looks like the bat’s out of belfry, as we know now that the Dark Knight is in the show, albeit in a cameo capacity.

Warning: Minor SPOILERS for the Titans premiere below:

Titans premiered on DC Universe this past Friday and we now know is that there is a flashback scene involving Bruce Wayne in the series premiere. At one point in the episode, the empath Raven touches Dick’s hand, triggering a memory from after the death of his parents. Sitting beside the place where his mother and father died, with police all around, we see a hand placed on Dick’s shoulder – followed by a man’s voice stating, “I want to help you.”

The scene then transitions to flashes of Wayne Manor and a hand-written letter addressed to Dick from Bruce. The whole time, we don’t actually see Bruce’s face and indeed, no actor has been cast in the role. Still, it’s hard to imagine Titans won’t use this flashback device in later episodes, as it would be nearly impossible to tell Robin’s story without Batman. We may not get to see him as much as, say, Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman in The CW’s Supergirl, but the specter of the Dark Knight is sure to extend well beyond Titans’ first episode.

Titans is available now on DC Universe, with international release via Netflix to follow.

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)