Lebron James

Is A “Space Jam 2” With Lebron James In The Works?

In a news release posted today by BusinessWire.com, it was announced that Lebron James has signed an agreement with Warner Bros. “spanning all areas of content creation,” including TV, film and digital content.

This has since sparked rumors that a Space Jam 2 is in the works, with James in the starring role. This speculation comes as no surprise, given that Warner Bros. produced the original Space Jam, a live-action/animation film released in 1996 that gave Michael Jordan his silver screen debut. James has been compared to Jordan ever since he stepped foot on an NBA court in October of 2003, so it would only seem fitting if he followed in Jordan’s footsteps with a sequel.

While nothing has yet been confirmed by Warner Bros., people began to get excited about a follow-up film possibility when the studio filed new trademarks for Space Jam last month. The deal with James has only added fuel to the rumor fire.

It remains to be seen if a Space Jam 2 will happen, but if it does, Jordan and James will have yet another thing to be compared on: their acting.

Rachel Despres

Rachel Despres