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‘Infinity War’ Directors Hope To Do An Avengers/X-Men Crossover

Avengers: Infinity War directors Joe and Anthony Russo have been paying close attention to the possible upcoming Disney/Fox merger; so much so that they already have a good idea of how they’d like to use the new batch of characters they’d have access to if the deal were to be finalized.

In an interview with French publication Linternaute (via CBR), the Russo brothers revealed that they would look to do some sort of crossover that included the X-Men and Fantastic Four, specifically highlighting Secret Wars as the adaptation that most excites them.

“If that Fox deal goes through with Disney, there’s a lot more characters to work with all of a sudden,” Joe Russo said. “It would be interesting to do something like Secret Wars.”

While Marvel Comics fans would no doubt love to see Secret Wars play out on the big screen, it’s unclear which version of the event Joe Russo was referencing. The original Secret Wars arc by Jim Shooter, Mike Zeck, and Bob Layton was a massive crossover event featuring different heroes and villains (including the X-Men) fighting on Battleworld, while the 2015 run saw the Earth-616 universe collide with the Ultimate Universe. That being said, both runs feature members of the X-Men and Fantastic Four, so a Disney/Fox merger would have to go through first before a Secret Wars film can really get off the ground. It should also be noted that while the Russos are intrigued by the prospect of working with the X-Men and Fantastic Four properties, they mention in the interview that may not necessarily want to direct such a film when the time comes.

Whatever happens, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige noted earlier this year that we’re still years away from the X-Men and Fantastic Four joining the MCU (if it happens at all), so we shouldn’t get our hopes up about the Russos doing a Secret Wars film anytime soon. In the meantime, at least there’s a little movie called Avengers: Infinity War hitting theaters later this month …

(Via: Linternaute, CBR)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)