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How The Planets & Moons Of ‘Star Wars’ Compare To Our Own

When one thinks of Star Wars, they remember things like the lightsaber battles, Jedi, the Millennium Falcon; but they also remember the space opera’s many distinctplanets and moons. While places like Tatooine and Endor make the fictional galaxy of Star Wars look a lot more exciting than our own, one fan’s comparison charts show that many of the Star Wars planets are more like our own Solar System’s than we may think. Source:

Chris Jones did some research to see how the many planets and moons of the Star Wars universe compare to our own and it turns out that they’re pretty similar, at least in terms of size. For instance, Hoth is like Mars before all of its water evaporated and Bespin is like the gas-giant Saturn (just without the rings of course). Perhaps most interesting of all, Princess Leia’s ill-fated home planet Alderaan is nearly idential to Earth with a diameter of 12,500 km compared to Earth’s 12,742.

You can find Jones’s full breakdown here, but this handy chart breaks down the full sizing of each planet and moon from the original trilogy: Source:

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)