Here’s Why Deadpool 2’s PG-13 Version Might Actually Be Awesome

Deadpool 2 is arguably one of the most uproariously funny comic book movies ever made, but the film’s R-rating puts it out of reach to younger audiences accustomed to being able to enjoy franchises like the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To that end, Fox is releasing a family friendly PG-13 version of the film later this year to open it up to a wider audience.

Of course, much of what makes Deadpool 2 work is its vulgar humor and over-the-top violence, so how could the film’s tone possibly translate to a “neutered” PG-13 rating? Well, in keeping with the outrageous spirit of the franchise, Deadpool 2 is taking a novel approach to the situation and drawing on The Princess Bride of all films for inspiration.

According to a tweet by Ryan Reynolds, Deadpool 2 will be calling on the services of none other than Fred Savage to help make the PG-13 version extra special:

Savage appears to be reprising his role from The Princess Bride, with Deadpool himself standing in for the late Peter Falk as Savage’s grandfather. It’s a bit early to tell for sure, but it looks like Deadpool 2’s PG-13 version will ape the bedtime story framing device from The Princess Bride, only this time it’s the Merc with a Mouth narrating the story. We’re guessing he’ll have plenty of interjections to cover up for all the missing gory and vulgar bits.

At any rate, we’re definitely more excited about the prospect of a PG-13 Deadpool 2 now that we know the film is going to have some fun with the format. Not only will younger viewers finally get to see the film, but it should be different enough to warrant a rewatch from those who’ve already seen it!

The Deadpool 2 PG-13 cut releases Dec. 21, 2018.

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Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)