Back to the Future

Here’s How You Can Build Your Very Own Back To The Future Hoverboard

Well, it’s 2015 and we’re still waiting for our hoverboards. Sure, working hoverboard prototypes have been developed. Lexus teased one earlier this year, while Hendo has a working board, but it only functions on a specially-designed copper surface. Mattel even released their Back to the Future Part II hoverboard as a collector’s item a few years ago but a practical, mass-market hoverboard for everyday use is still a futuristic fantasy.

While it’s admittedly a bummer to not be living in the hoverboard future, the prop-building wizards at DIY Prop Shop have created an impressive-looking replica of Marty McFly’s signature board. The kicker? With a bit of time and effort, their hoverboard can be built for only $33, which is significantly cheaper than Mattel’s official replica.

Check out the video tutorial for yourself. Right now, it’s probably the cheapest way of realizing those hoverboard fantasies without actually having a functional one. In the meantime, we’ll just continue to wait for the real thing. Someday…

(via Slashfilm)
Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)