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Ezra Miller: Negative ‘Suicide Squad’ Reviews Motivate Us For ‘Justice League’

Ezra Miller’s cameo appearance in Suicide Squad as The Flash was a nice touch to help set up the future Justice League movies. Unfortunately for Miller and the rest of the cast, the movie was universally panned by critics as being sloppy and disjointed.

Miller isn’t immune to that criticism, despite only appearing in the film briefly. In a recent interview with MTV, he says that the negative response will motivate the actors and crew behind Justice League to work harder to redeem the reputation of the DC Cinematic Universe.

“You needn’t look any further than the Suicide Squad director and cast response to the negative reviews to feel how negative critiques motivate us,” Miller said. “Ultimately, we can’t base anything on [the critical response]. As artists, we aim to please absolutely everybody with our work, but we also know that we have to keep expressing ourselves as best as we can express ourselves.”

Miller also clarified that his scene in Suicide Squad was not actually directed by Zack Synder, like it was originally reported (even by us!). But Synder was heavily involved in the scene.

“Saying that Zack [Snyder] shot it would not be accurate,” he said. “It was very much a collaborate effort that was supervised by DC. It was collaborative with David [Ayer].”

The Justice League movie is currently filming and is set for a November 2017 release date.

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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