The Rock

Dwayne Johnson and San Andreas Director Brad Payton Are Making A Film Based On Rampage Video Game Source:

Remember Rampage, the side-scrolling 80s arcade game where you destroyed cities with various large monsters? It was a fun series in its heyday, but it hasn’t exactly been on many peoples’ minds for a long time. Well, evidently there’s enough interest in a Rampage film adaptation , as it’s just been confirmed by Deadline — and Dwayne Johnson himself — that he and his San Andreas director Brad Payton are making it happen.

While the premise sounds pretty much exactly like San Andreas, only with monsters in place of an earthquake this time, Rampage could actually be a pretty fun video game movie (and we could always use more of those judging by the response Pixels is getting). Payton clearly knows how to blow up buildings real good and the prospect of The Rock taking on a giant lizard, wolf, and gorilla? Count us in!

(via Deadline)