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‘Civil War’ Will Have a Lot More Spider-Man Than We Originally Thought Via

It’s been teased for months that Captain America: Civil War will feature the long awaited debut of Spider-Man to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, after the studio finally reached an agreement with Sony Pictures to share the rights to the character.

It’s perfect timing too, since the wall crawler is such an important piece of the Civil War story, acting as the moral compass between the two warring sides of Captain American and Iron Man. As the first screening reviews for the new Marvel film are starting to emerge, it looks like Spider-Man fans will be pleasantly surprised with just how much screen time Spidey gets.

Mike Sampson of Screencrush has confirmed that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man/Peter Parker character will see roughly 30 minutes of screen time, with the majority of it in the famous red and blue costume.

Captain America: Civil War hits theaters in North America on May 6.