Finding Dory

Brand New ‘Finding Dory’ Trailer Shows Dory Finally Remembering… Something Via

If you’re like us, you happily absorb every bit of goodness that Pixar Studios releases. Sure, some films are better than others, but even their worst offering is still way better than most of the other stuff that hits theaters.

They recently released a new trailer for their upcoming Finding Dory, which you should instantly recognize as the sequel to their Finding Nemo aquatic adventure. Instead of searching for a lost child (fish child, that is), the sequel focuses on Dory, who has a condition that prevents her from remembering almost everything, looking for her long lost family.

As you can see in this trailer, the whole adventure is sparked by Dory remembering… something. About… someone. The details are obviously still a little fuzzy.

Finding Dory hits theaters next summer.