Ben Affleck Says He Really Hated ‘Daredevil’, Just Like Everyone Else

When you count down the worst superhero movies ever made, the Ben Affleck/Jennifer Garner dumpster fire that was 2003’s Daredevil definitely comes to mind. This was before Marvel swooped in to re-define what great comic movies could be, something that Affleck is well-aware of now that he’s firmly entrenched in the DC Extended Universe, playing the iconic Batman.

Over a decade after Daredevil stunk up theaters, Affleck wants to redeem himself to comic book fans. Unfortunately, Batman V Superman wasn’t great, but there’s still hope for the upcoming solo Batman film, The Batman (to be written and directed by Affleck written and directed).

From the New York Times:

“That’s the movie I want to do. I want to be a part of that,” he said of Zack Snyder’s [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice]. “Part of it was I wanted for once to get one of these movies and do it right – to do a good version. I hate Daredevil so much… It frustrated me. The Netflix show does really cool stuff. I feel like that was there for us to do with that character, and we never kind of got it right. I wanted to do one of those movies and sort of get it right.”

He’s right about one thing, at least. The Netflix version of Daredevil does rock! Now please don’t ruin Batman, because it took Christopher Nolan years to bring that franchise back to respectability!

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

Devon Taylor (@DevonTaylor113)

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