Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

‘Batman V Superman’ Shatters Box Office Records Despite Critical Thrashing

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is getting ripped apart by negative reviews (ours included), but that did little to stop it from cleaning up at the domestic box office over the weekend, earning $170.1 million. According to Variety, this makes it the best opening weekend for any DC film to date, the biggest March debut ever, and the sixth-biggest opening weekend in history.

Things look even better for the film when international box office numbers are taken into account, with $420 million earned overall. This is great news for Warner Bros., which poured $250 million into the film’s production budget alone and needed the film to be a massive success in order to justify a slate of upcoming films based on DC Comics properties, including Wonder Woman and Justice League, both of which are due out next year.

While Batman v Superman is undoubtedly a commercial success, it’s quickly become one of the most divisive blockbusters in recent memory, with critics and fans divided on its overall quality. Dawn of Justice currently sits at a dreadfully-low score of 29 percent Fresh rating on RottenTomatoes based on critic reviews, but a positive audience score of 73 percent. Whether or not Warner Bros. decides to address the many criticisms leveled at Batman v Superman so far, it looks like the future of the DC movie universe is no longer in question based on the film’s massive box office haul.

(via: The Verge)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)