The Killing Joke

‘Batman: The Killing Joke’ Gets Roasted With Hilarious Honest Trailer

Via Warner Bros.

When it was first announced that The Killing Joke would get made into a feature length DC Animated movie, hardcore Batman fans were thrilled. However, when the movie finally came out, disappointment quickly washed over them. Turns out it’s very hard to successfully adapt one of the most iconic comics of all-time.

The team behind the movie needed to pad the story a little bit, which means that the first half of the movie is just Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) lusting after Batman in a weird teacher/student sort of relationship that really sells her character short. We guess they were trying to build up some sympathy for when the Joker attacks her, but it didn’t really work out as planned.

Anyway, the hilarious folks over at Screen Junkies put together this Honest Trailer for The Killing Joke, which may actually be more enjoyable than the movie itself.