‘Batman Forever’ Fan Trailer Makes Film Look Like A Psychological Thriller

While nowhere near as terrible as its 1997 sequel Batman & Robin, Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever is not one of the Dark Knight’s proudest cinematic moments.

Despite telling a pretty decent Batman story overall — and featuring a great opening scene that tricked us all into thinking we were watching a good movie — Batman Forever is ultimately undone by its neon-soaked cinematography, terrible dialogue, and a grating performance from Jim Carrey as the Riddler, among other things.

That’s not to say that Batman Forever doesn’t feature some cool scenes — or at least scenes that could be cool if edited and arranged in the right way. YouTuber Sam Ibrahim has put together a trailer for the film that presents it like a disturbing psychological thriller, focusing on Bruce Wayne / Batman’s (Val Kilmer) tortured psyche and the mind games the Riddler plays with him. In fact, two of the film’s main characters — Tommy Lee Jones’ Two-Face and Chris O’Donnel’s Robin are nowhere to be found in the trailer, which just shows how extraneous they were to the film’s main plot.

It also helps that Ibrahim makes use of Daft Punk’s soundtrack from TRON: Legacy, which automatically makes anything more interesting in my opinion.

Batman Forever, the intense psychological thriller from Joel Schumacher, hits theaters June 16, 1995, so you better go back 21 years and get your tickets ready!

(Via: io9)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)