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Arnold Schwarzenegger Reaches Out To Dying Fan Thanks To Reddit

While Arnold Schwarzenegger has made his share of mistakes, it’s hard not to love the former bodybuilder when he treats his fans so well, as he did this Wednesday when he reached out to a terminally-ill fan thanks to a Reddit post from the man’s brother.

Reddit user Courser initially posted this touching message to the Reddit Bodybuilding forum about his brother Todd on Tuesday and it spurred the community to take action:

“My brother has severe learning disabilities and autism, but fell in love with the Arnold Schwarzenegger movies as a young man and took him on as an idol. Instead of giving up and letting his life make him blank and sedentary, he decided he would become a ‘bodybuilder,’” Courser wrote. “Even though he can’t read or write past a second grade level, he got himself into such good shape that he had a full time job. He worked as a groundskeeper until this spring, when he was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme).”

Courser went on to explain that his Christmas wish for his brother (which very likely will be his last) would be a personalized picture from Schwarzenegger, asking the Reddit community to help him find a way to contact him. The former Governator did not disappoint. Only eight hours after Courser’s initial post (and with a little help from the #HelpTodd hashtag), Schwarzenegger sent a reply to not only Courser and Todd, but to the community as well:

“I am still in Europe so I have to say this was an inspiring thing to wake up to. I’ve reached out to Courser but I wanted to let all of you know that you’re amazing. This is the power of [R]eddit to do great things, and I’m proud of all of you, even though you filled my inbox – because you filled my inbox.”

Todd’s brother was understandably very enthusiastic, responding: “What a thing to wake up to this morning on this side of the pond, too. Thank you so much, Governor! I saw your message, and have sent an email. Thank you again! And I’m really sorry about your inbox. And twitter feed. I have no idea what happened, I was honestly just looking for an email address for someone in your office that might work. Thank you, thank you. I still can’t believe this. Thank you, and thank you Reddit!”

(via: Time)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)