It’s hard to know what to make of Aquaman at this point. While Jason Momoa was likable enough in the role in Justice League, it’s unclear whether he’ll be able to carry his own movie … or whether said movie will be a turning point for the DC Films Universe. It certainly hasn’t helped that early test screenings have reportedly not gone very well for Warner Bros., or that the studio seems to be focusing more on Shazam than Aquaman, the latter of which is the only DC movie being released in 2018.

Of course, the film’s December release date is still a ways off, but the fact that WB hasn’t even so much as given a hint as to when a teaser trailer might drop has only added fuel to speculation that the studio is not confident in the movie. Well, according to director James Wan, that isn’t the case at all.

Wan took it upon himself to clear things up about what’s going on with the Aquaman trailer, no doubt in response to WonderCon having taken place this past weekend with no trailer in sight. Here’s what he had to say: