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8 Details You May Have Missed In The ‘Batman v Superman’ Trailer

Source: Warner Bros.

Another week, another superhero movie preview. Not wanting to miss an opportunity to steal some of Marvel’s thunder from last week’s Captain America: Civil War trailer, Warner Bros. brought a new trailer of their own to last night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live (seriously, what deal with the devil did that guy make to score all of these exclusives?). The second full trailer for 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is surprisingly heavy on spoilers, not only revealing the film’s major villain but also an epic, showstopping moment that probably should have been saved for the final film. At any rate, there’s a lot to chew on in this lengthy three minute spot besides seeing Batman and Superman duke it out, such as the following small, but potentially important details.

8. Clark’s Bruce Wayne Ignorance

One of the trailer’s earliest scenes shows Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne meeting for the first time at a fancy gala hosted by Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor and Clark’s first reaction prior to introducing himself is to ask his co-worker (Jimmy Olsen??) who Bruce Wayne is. This is a strange detail for the film to include because in the DC universe, Bruce Wayne is kind of a big deal. He’s one of the richest men in the world and heads Gotham City’s largest corporation, so you would think that Clark, a Daily Planet reporter who has lived on Earth for pretty much his entire life, would immediately recognize Bruce. This either shows that Clark really is ignorant of Gotham’s power players or that it’s all part of a ploy to throw Bruce off the Superman scent (does Clark know that he’s Batman?). That might be a good idea, considering it seems pretty likely that Bruce is well aware of who’s hiding under those glasses…

Source: Warner Bros.

7. Bruce Wayne’s Knowing Smirk

While the Batman v Superman trailer is back-loaded with tons of exciting action scenes, one of its most tantalizing bits comes right at the beginning with the tense conversation between Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent. When Clark asks Bruce for his opinion on Batman, Bruce knowingly smirks before launching into a tear-down of the Daily Planet’s heavy Superman bias. Now, it could be just that Bruce smirks because he finds it amusing to be grilled about his own vigilante alter-ego, but there also seems to be a strong possibility that Bruce knows Clark’s secret, especially with his accusatory remarks about having a “bad history with freaks dressed up like clowns,” an obvious allusion to The Joker. Batman v Superman could be playing up the “World’s Greatest Detective” angle with Affleck’s Batman, so don’t be surprised if the film begins with him already having solved Clark Kent’s secret.

6. Batman’s Ride

This is just a small detail, but did you notice Batman’s car? No, not the Batmobile, although we do get to see a lot more of it here (the jury’s still out on whether it can live up to the Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy). Bruce Wayne pulls up to Lex Luthor’s party in a suitably stylish ride, but it’s not a Lamborghini this time. Batfleck is clearly a big James Bond fan, as he’s shown driving what appears to be an Aston Martin DB MkIII. While it’s unlikely that Bruce Wayne’s “civilian” car is outfitted with as many gadgets and weapons as the Batmobile, you got to give him points for style.

Source: Warner Bros.

5. Is That Victor Zsasz?

It’s hard to miss the criminal who’s been chained to the radiator by Batman and subsequently branded with a Bat symbol, but is it possible that this guy isn’t just some no name goon and is actually a real Batman villain? While the trailer presents the whole scenario as just a blip in the film’s plotline, meant to show how much Batman has escalated his crime fighting activities in the wake of Superman’s destruction of Metropolis, this criminal might be Victor Zsasz, a deranged serial killer from the Batman comics. Zsasz traditionally carves a tally mark into his skin after every kill he makes and while it’s difficult to make out if this captured criminal has any body scars other than the one Batman gives him, he does have a look about him that suggests that he’s much more than just a nameless goon. While he probably won’t turn out to Zsasz, having the character in the film would make for an intriguing side story for Batman.

Source: Warner Bros.

4. Batman’s Gun

Batman doesn’t use guns. Well, someone tell that to the Dark Knight in this film because he’s depicted holding a gun in two separate scenes. Purists shouldn’t be too alarmed though, as Batman’s gun-toting ways seem to serve a very specific purpose. We first see the gun during one of the trailer’s many Batman and Superman fight scenes, so it’s fair to assume that he uses that gun on Superman. Batman is also shown holding his gun in the trailer’s final hero-gathering shot and the safe bet is that he’ll be using that gun against Doomsday (is it even Doomsday? We’re just going to go ahead and call him that until Warner Bros. states otherwise). That’s important, as Batman is shown only using a gun in situations where he’s facing a nearly-invincible being. The most likely scenario is that Batman has outfitted his gun with kryptonite bullets, as Superman and the Zod-infused Doomsday would both theoretically be vulnerable to such weapons. It’s highly doubtful that this Batman uses his gun on regular criminals.

Source: Warner Bros.

3. Batman’s Punches Hurt

Batman v Superman‘s central conflict is of course the battle between the two superheroes, which should be about as one-sided a fight as you can get considering that Superman is a nigh-invincible alien and Batman is just a resourceful human. While the film is playing up Batman’s resourcefulness as being pretty much the only way he could even last a minute in the ring with Superman, the trailer definitively shows Superman being hurt by one of Batman’s punches. That’s a significant detail, as it opens up a lot of questions about how powerful Batman’s armored suit actually is, and whether or not it runs on some sort of kryptonite-infused technology in order to give him the edge he needs in close quarters combat with Superman. While it looks like neither character is permanently injured by their petty squabble, it’s nice to see that it’s not just going to be a half hour of Superman tossing Batman through windows like a rag doll.

2. What Are Those Flying Creatures?

The most perplexing scene in the trailer may be the extremely brief shot at the 2:06 mark showing Batman grappling with a group of soldiers and some sort of winged creatures in a desert environment. These mysterious creatures look like they pose a significant threat, but it’s pretty much impossible to tell what they are or how they feature into the film at this point. The best guess and the one that makes the most sense is that they are Parademons, the foot soldiers of DC Comics supervillain Darkseid. It’s practically a guarantee at this point that the future Justice League movie will feature Darkseid as the big bad, so perhaps Batman v Superman is throwing in the Parademons early to drum up hype for that movie. Either that or this is all just a dream sequence.

Source: Warner Bros.

 1. “Is She With You?”

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman makes a suitably grand entrance near the end of the trailer, seemingly saving Batman from the film’s big bad Doomsday. Her entrance prompts Superman to turn to Bats and ask, “is she with you?” to which the Dark Knight replies, “I thought she was with you.” While this seems to be an innocuous “ha ha” moment, it may reveal more about the status of the three heroes’ relationship than you might think. There have been rumors that Bruce Wayne actually strikes up a romance with Diana earlier in the film, so Superman’s question seems fairly appropriate. The fact that Batman was wondering if Wonder Woman was with Supes is interesting though, as it suggests that she also has dealings with the Man of Steel prior to her reveal here. While it still doesn’t look like Gadot will have too big a role in the film, this sequence seems to hint that what little screen time she does have will be significant and not just revolve around one action scene.

Source: Warner Bros.

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