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We never like to see an actor or actress the subject of unjustified hatred, which is why we’re taking some time out of our day to come to the defense of some celebrities who we feel receive a little less credit than they’re probably due. While we understand that everyone reserves a right to their opinion, we were doing some research and we couldn’t help but wonder why some of these celebrities are so hated; be it online, in the magazines or by the critics themselves, the actors and actresses listed here are all subject to a little more bad press than we’d like to see, so we’re here to come to their defense!

8. Jennifer Aniston

Maybe we’re in the minority, but we think Jennifer Aniston has had a tough go of it. Sure, we’re die hard Friends advocates, but that doesn’t mean we’re biased (ok, maybe we’re a little biased). Losing Brad Pitt to Angelina must have hurt, and wallowing in the long post-Friends absence before picking up her film career also probably didn’t help, but we’ve always found Aniston to be a welcome presence on-screen, and certainly not an untalented or bothersome actress in any way (which is what her detractors would ultimately lead you to believe). She was arguably the best part of the hilarious Horrible Bosses and played that role gleefully off-character, and she also had supporting roles in solid films like Office Space and Bruce Almighty. Source:

7. Kristen Stewart

It’s easy to trace the hatred for Kristen Stewart, since we’re assuming most of it stems from the actress’s involvement in the much lamented Twilight series, which also happens to be one of the highest grossing film franchises of all time. It’s that latter statistic we’re interested in here, since we’re betting most of the people who are happy to hate on Kristen Stewart would be singing a different tune if a movie studio backed a dump truck full of money up to their house and said “Listen, it’s all yours but…the vampires sparkle.” Stewart, who has proven time and time again that she’s a talented actress when given ample opportunity (films like Into the Wild, Adventureland and The Runaways speak to that), was undoubtedly seeing dollar signs when she accepted the coveted role of Bella Swan, and far be it from us to hold that against her. Source:

6. Mathew McConaughey

If you had told us three years ago that Mathew McConaughey, the goofy and ab-riddled star of laughable romantic comedies like Failure to Launch and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, would not only be nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series, but that he would go on and win an Academy Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role, we would have laughed you out of the room, and then probably thrown things at you on the way out. It’s true. We’re not ashamed of it. Prior to his recent turn towards dramatic territory, there was nothing in McConaughey’s long filmography that would have led us to believe he was capable of award winning performances. Not a damn thing, which probably explains a good deal of the hatred the man still seems to generate. For our part, we’re sold on the actor and are looking forward to more solid performances in the future. Alright, alright alright. Source:

5. Colin Farrell

Colin Farrell has a reputation around Hollywood as a bit of a douche. We understand that, and we also understand that the man has made some terrifically awful choices when it comes to movie roles (There’s no excusing S.W.A.T., and there’s definitely no excusing Alexander). But is that really cause to hate a man? He’s proven on more than one occasion that when given material that carries weight beyond a paycheck, he’s actually quite a talented actor. Don’t just take our word on it; if you’re suspicious, you can check out films like In Bruges or Phone Booth, the latter of which is actually a much stronger film than most of you probably remember. Toss in solid supporting roles in Horrible Bosses and Minority Report, a series of interviews where he seems intelligent and kind (if a bit ornery…He is Irish, after all), and we can’t figure out why people seem to dislike him so much. Is it the eyebrows? Source:

4. Anne Hathaway

We’ll admit that prior to researching this article, we weren’t aware that there was a passionate group of folks out there who really, really hate Anne Hathaway. Hell, we weren’t aware there was anyone who hated Anne Hathaway; we’ve always found her to be a talented and elegant sort of actress who has chosen strong roles and has been appropriately rewarded for her work. That said, there’s a distinct group of folks out there who seem to dislike this gorgeous, hard-working actress and we can’t seem to figure out why. Was it because of the terrifically awful job she did hosting the Oscars with James Franco? We don’t think that’s on her, folks. We also don’t think it’s her fault that her ex-boyfriend was indicted on fraud and money laundering charges; if anything, you’d think that might grab some sympathy love from cinema audiences out there. Whatever the reason is, we imagine it’s unfounded; we’ve done our homework, and we can’t seem to find a single reason to dislike Anne Hathaway. It’s an interest mystery fit for Scooby Doo. Source:

3. Ben Affleck

People seem to forget that prior to the recent Benaissance that’s featured films like Gone Baby Gone, The Town and Gone Girl, Ben Affleck was the butt of just about every joke made in Hollywood. The perceived lesser half of the Good Will Hunting screenwriting duo that included his childhood friend Matt Damon, Ben Affleck’s career was on the outs after duds like Daredevil and Gigli, the latter of which was lumped into his high-profile romance with singer turned actress turned celebrity singing judge Jennifer Lopez. His recent resurgence, however, has given credence to the idea that maybe some of the Affleck hatred was unfounded; perhaps, like many of the actors and actresses on this list, he just made a few poor professional decisions and was left stuck in a rut for a brief period? Whatever the case, Affleck seems back and better than ever as he’s ready to star as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the upcoming Superman vs. Batman: Dawn of Justice. Plus, he was the bomb in Phantoms, yo! Source:

2. Keanu Reeves

Two words, people: John Wick. We’re joking about that, but what we aren’t joking about is how insanely awesome Keanu Reeves actually is. Jested about for years due to stilted delivery and wooden acting, poor Keanu has never rightly received the love he deserves. Let’s take a look at the list of iconic films Reeves has been a part of, yeah? Point Break? Awesome. Speed? Equally awesome. The Matrix? Changed action films forever. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? The man can do comedy as well. My Own Private Idaho? Heart wrenching. Even his lesser films like The Replacements and Constantine are mediocre at worst and surprisingly rewatchable at best, leaving us to wonder where all the hatred for this brooding immortal comes from. Is it just because of The Lake House? Because we don’t see anyone lining up to take shots at Sandy Bullock for that one. Keanu, who also happens to be one of the more charitable men in Hollywood (he donated most of his salary for The Matrix trilogy to the VFX team and the crew, as a thank you for making an awesome movie), deserves a little more love. Maybe then he won’t be so sad! Source:

1. Tom Cruise

Look, we get the whole Scientology thing. We’re not trying to defend good old Tom against any of those allegations; rather, we’re asking you to suspend your suspicion for long enough to realize that just because Tom Cruise is a goof who believes aliens own our immortal souls, that doesn’t make him a bad person or a bad actor. In fact, we did plenty of research on Mr. Cruise for this article, and we can’t seem to find anyone willing to say a bad word about him. Most everyone who has ever worked with Cruise, including Simon Pegg, Bill Hader, Emily Blunt and writer Drew Goddard, claim he’s one of the most honest, hard-working and charitable individuals they’ve ever come across. There’s a litany of awesome Tom Cruise stories out there if you’re willing to work extra hard and type it in to Google; so why does one man carry the brunt of all of Scientology’s ill-doings? We can’t be sure, but what we do know is we’ll always be in line opening weekend when the new Mission Impossible movie comes out. Source:
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