5 Things To Expect From Terminator: Genisys Source: Deadline

Reboots and remakes are happening at a faster and faster pace, and while technically the reboot of Terminator would have been Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, the fifth Terminator is taking things in a whole new direction all over again. With the hugely expensive Terminator Salvation not raking in the numbers that were expected, one of the 80s and early 90s best sci-fi/action franchises is making another run with Terminator: Genisys. Already teased with an intense and epic trailer, fans can tell that the fifth instalment is definitely not just another Terminator film, it’s going to switch things up from the cast, to the plot to even the timeline and hopefully blow audiences’ minds. Here are 5 Things To Expect From Terminator: Genisys.

5. Directorial Excellence

Terminator: Genisys is going to have a slightly different take on the franchise so far and after the rights for the franchise sold in 2010, a new direction was taken, beginning with a new director. Alan Taylor may not be a household name but odds are you have already seen his work as he has done several episodes of hit shows like The Sopranos, Rome and Game of Thrones. His big break undoubtedly was Thor: The Dark World, which had its share of criticism but was still a massive hit. Although Genisys will only be Taylor’s second foray into a huge and highly anticipated action film, he has already won fans over by comparing his take on the Terminator franchise to another HUGE fan-favorite franchise, Batman. “I think there’s another famous franchise that had a wonderful beginning and then turned a little bananas… Tim Burton’s first Batman is just glorious and by the time it got around to nipples on costumes and all that stuff it sort of lost its way,” he told Slashfilm. Source:

 4. Arnold Is As Awesome As Ever

There are few more iconic and unforgettable sci-fi characters than Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator uttering lines such as “I’ll be back,” and “Come with me if you want to live.” Aside from Salvation which used a CGI of Arnold, he has been in every one of the films but lets face it, with more than thirty years since the first film, at 66 Arnie no longer looks like the original T-800. Luckily there is an answer for that, the T-800 have living flesh over titanium endoskeletons meaning the skin does age and as seen in the trailer the Terminator even has grey hair. Of course the trailer also reveals a show-down between Arnold now and his original  T-800 body from the first film. Source:

 3. Awesome Casting/Characters

We all know Schwarzenegger will back in his iconic role and while all of the key characters are back, there has been an overhaul of casting. Sarah Connor ended up getting her own TV show Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, but hasn’t been featured in the big screen franchise since Terminator 2: Judgment Day when Linda Hamilton rocked the role. Now Game of Thrones alum Emilia Clarke is the latest version of the no bullshit heroine. Stepping into even bigger shoes is of course Jason Clarke as John Connor, a position previously held by Edward Furlong, Nick Stahl and Christian Bale. Last but not least is Jai Courtney, who already has experience in being part of a long running, epic franchise after starring alongside Bruce Willis in A Good Day To Die Hard as the son of John McClane. Courtney will be playing Kyle Reese, the soldier sent back in time by John Connor to protect Sarah and of course ends up being John’s father.

 2. Romance

The last thing the Terminator movies bring to mind is the word love, but in fact fans can expect the plot of Genisys to have a lot to do with the love story of Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) and Jai Courtney (Kyle Reese). Actor J.K. Simmons already stated the love story is central to the film, but of course we can also expect it to be heavily camouflaged by gun-play, death and destruction which are the common hallmarks of the franchise. Source:

 1.Twisted Timeline

Before you start thinking their love story is pointless because we all know it’s doomed, another MAJOR plot change with this film is a whole new timeline. With the hit and miss of the two middle films, Genisys has decided to preserve the events of T1 and T2 and completely erase the things that happen in Rise of the Machines and Salvation. As a result Kyle Reese lands in a whole new timeline when sent back by John Connor only to find that Sarah Connor is the one protecting him, not the other way around. There is also a new dynamic in Sarah’s relationship with the T-800 (Arnold) as he has seemingly taken on the role of her guardian after she was orphaned by another Terminator at a young age. Obviously the film will have a lot of explaining to do to make this timeline not a complete mind melt for fans, kind of like the Star Trek reboot, where a preordained set of events are no longer valid, throwing the whole story in a new direction.

Telisa Carter

Telisa Carter