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Superbad may be almost a decade old at this point, but it’s still just as funny now as it was when it was released back in 2007. As far as one-off comedies go, Superbad is destined to be a classic, as it stands as one of the best high school comedies of all time. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you view things) it looks like we may never see a sequel, as Seth Rogen revealed back in May that Superbad 2 would not be something he’d be interested in writing. If this news upsets you, take solace in the fact that the cast and crew had a blast making the film, as evidenced by many of the following bits of interesting Superbad trivia.

12. Underage Sex

Remember the scene where McLovin’ almost gets lucky with a cute redhead? Well, it turns out that that scene was even more awkward to shoot than how it played out on screen. The actor who played McLovin’, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, was only 17 at the time of filming, so his mother had to be on set during his sex scene. Talk about a buzzkill. Source: Youtube

11. Young Writers

Seth Rogen was in his mid-twenties when Superbad got made, but he actually wrote the initial script for the film while he was still going through puberty! Rogen and his writing partner/friend Evan Goldberg started writing a script when they were only 13 and completed a draft by the time they were 15. They based the plot on their own experiences as teenagers growing up in Vancouver during the late 1990s. Source:

10. Seth And Evan’s Separation Anxiety Was Added By Judd Apatow

Although Superbad is loosely based on Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s real life friendship, some liberties had to be taken in the interest of storytelling. As it turns out, Rogen and Goldberg never experienced separation anxiety when they went to different colleges, but producer Judd Apatow decided to add it into the film in order to increase the tension. “Maybe Judd got the idea kind of because I was at McGill University in Montreal, Seth was here [Vancouver], and we were growing apart,” Goldberg told Reelz. “When in reality I’d be like, ‘All right, see ya later’ and then wouldn’t see Seth for a year and I’d be like, ‘What’s up?’ If [Seth] was like, ‘Yo, I can’t see you for 10 years, but then after that let’s go get a beer,’ I’d be like, ‘Okay.’ With Judd, the idea was developed and he had the idea about college the next year.” Source:

9. Casting Changes

Seth Rogen was originally going to play the character he based off of himself (aptly named Seth) but decided it would be better if he played one of the police officers in the film, on account of his physical size and age at the time. Ironically, Jonah Hill, who ended up playing Rogen’s part, is only a year younger than Rogen in real life. Fortunately, Hill’s baby face helped sell him as a high school student. Source:

8. No Lovin’ From Hawaii

Fogel’s (Mintz-Plasse) fake ID is one of Superbad’s most memorable visual gags, so much so that it was included on the film’s DVD box. Unfortunately, this led to some unforeseen problems, as Wal-Marts in Hawaii pulled the DVD from store shelves. The reason? McLovin’s ID is a Hawaiian driver’s license. Evidently, Honolulu’s mayor at the time, Mufi Hannermann, didn’t take kindly to the use of a fake Hawaiian ID on the film’s box art. Source:

7. Dry Spell

A ton of alcohol gets consumed in Superbad, but unsurprisingly, none of it is actually real. The actors actually drank water in place of vodka, apple juice in place of hard liquor, and non-alcoholic beer in place of, well, beer. Makes sense. Source:

6. Fatherly Cameo

Seth Rogen’s dad, Mark Rogen,  actually has a cameo in the film. He’s the baseball bad-wielding guy who appears when Seth and Evan are fleeing from the police through backyards.

5. Improvisation

One of the best scenes in the film has to be when Jonah Hill’s Seth accidentally headbutts Emma Stone’s Jules, and a lot of that comes from Stone’s perfect “What the f**k!” reaction. It turns out that Stone’s line was totally improvised and the filmmakers liked it so much they decided to keep it in the film.

4. So Many Penises

At one point in the film, Seth tells Evan about his childhood fascination with drawing penises, and we get to see a few examples of his “art.” Superbad co-writer Evan Goldberg’s brother David was the one responsible for drawing said penises, but he took his job to another level by giving the filmmakers more than 1,000 options to choose from. Fun fact: you can actually purchase David’s penis illustrations as part of a book of movie memorabilia! Source:

3. Jason Segel Read For The Part Of Evan

Long before Superbad was turned into an actual film, Rogen’s fellow Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared alum Jason Segel read for the part of Evan, which would eventually go to Michael Cera. “The first time I read the script was when we were doing Undeclared and we did a table read and we did it with Jason Segel and Seth reading the leads,” Apatow statess in the film’s DVD commentary. Since it took years for the script to be turned into a film, Segel aged out of the part like Rogen did. Source:

2. Canadian Buddies

As revealed by Seth Rogen in Superbad’s DVD commentary, Michael Cera got the part of Evan thanks to fellow Canadian actor Jay Baruchel. Baruchel worked with Rogen on the film Fanboys and told Rogen that Michael Cera would be perfect for the role. Funnily enough, Michael Cera’s mom was the one who got a copy of the script and convinced her son to audition. Source:

1. The F Word

As any viewer would attest, Superbad features a s**t-ton of coarse language, with the F-word alone being uttered an astounding 186 times. That equates to 1.6 uses of the word every minute! Source:
Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)

Nick Steinberg (@Nick_Steinberg)