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As the Marvel Cinematic Universe gears up to enter its Third Phase, things are set to get a whole lot more interesting. We already know it’s going to be pretty intense from watching the Captain America: Civil War trailer, and thanks to Jessica Jones and Luke Cage, there are some new heroes on the block.

While some of the lingering questions swirling around the MCU are the result of events that have already occurred, many of the upcoming movies, like Doctor Strange and Inhumans in particular, will almost certainly raise additional questions that we haven’t even thought about asking yet.

In any case, this article addresses a few of the more burning issues that we hope will be resolved sooner rather than later in the Marvel live-action movies and shows.

12. How Did Jessica Jones and Luke Cage Receive Their Powers?

In the comics, we know Jessica Jones gets powers after she’s involved in a car crash with a military convoy carrying radioactive chemicals, and Luke Cage’s powers result from him being subjected to experimental Super-Soldier tests while he was in prison, but the origins of their powers in the live-action universe are likely going to be pretty different.

There’s a hint that IGH could be behind their powers, but at this point there’s really not that much to go on. What we do know is that, thus far, Jessica Jones has remained pretty faithful to the source material, so maybe they’re just waiting to tell us about the car accident and subsequent radiation exposure. Surely, these questions will have to be addressed eventually, but it could be that Jessica Jones is getting a new power origin story as a lab creation. Source:

11. What is IGH?

At the end of the first season of Jessica Jones, we get introduced to a new threat in the form of the evil corporation IGH. It seems like they’ve been working on a product that can temporarily grant people superhuman abilities, and it has been alluded to that they might have something to do with how Jessica got her powers. This has left audiences wondering how big of a role IGH will have in the second season of Jessica Jones and whether or not it will factor into the Luke Cage series as well. If the technology that IGH possesses is as powerful as it seems, they could even end up getting woven into the plots of some of the Phase Three movies. Source:

10. What Happened to Hulk?

The last Hulk solo movie was back in 2008 at the very beginning of Phase One of the MCU. Now that he’s once again absent from the Phase Three schedule, you have to wonder where they plan to stash the raging green beast during all the action that will most certainly go down in the coming movies.

Fans have been speculating that there could be a Planet Hulk storyline evolving from his confirmed appearance in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok. Given Thor’s affinity for crossing dimensional barriers and cruising the cosmos, it should be pretty interesting to see where Hulk ends up at the end of that movie. Source:

9. How Will Captain America and Iron Man Resolve Their Differences?

Captain America: Civil War will see the Avengers divided over differing beliefs regarding the governance and regulation of superheroes. What we won’t find out until the movie’s release is what will be the state of things after the conclusion of the conflict. Will many heroes still be at odds moving forward? Although Tony Stark is set to reappear in the next Avengers movie, Iron Man 4 is curiously absent from the phase three docket. Whatever the outcome, it would seem like the future events of the MCU hinge on the fallout of Civil War. Source:

8. How Will Spider-Man Fit into Phase Three?

Now that Spider-Man is officially joining the rest of the heroes in the MCU, everyone’s wondering how he’ll make his grand entrance in Captain America: Civil War. Though chances are we won’t get his full story until his solo movie comes out later in Phase Three, it should be interesting to see how he fits into Civil War, since in the comics he initially starts out with Tony Stark but eventually crosses over to Captain America’s side.

Spider-Man is also a New Yorker and takes out criminals and villains from the same pond as Daredevil, Jessica Jones and Luke Cage. It’s like he’s the number one farm team prospect and every now and again he gets called up to play in the big leagues. Indeed, there’s likely no other character in the Marvel live-action universe with as much crossover potential as the friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. Source:

7. How Will S.H.I.E.L.D. Fit Into Phase Three?

Speaking of crossovers, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. seems be to setting up for a few of their own. It’s the first place to mention the Inhumans, so it could be that they’ve had encounters with Black Bolt and his people in the past. If so, where is Black Bolt now and why hasn’t he tried to intervene in any of the Inhuman activity that’s taken place so far?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. also set up some potential Guardians of the Galaxy tie-ins with that mysterious planet that Jemma Simmons was trapped on for months. If it was important enough for the Kree to connect a portal to, surely it has some part to play in a larger story. Perhaps we’ll see the beginnings of a Kree invasion in Phase Three. Source:

6. What is Loki Plotting?

Through his careful planning and clever deception, Loki has been able to form powerful alliances and wield earth-shattering artifacts that almost saw him become a supreme multi-dimensional ruler. He could very well be the biggest threat in the entire MCU, and he’s still out there gathering strength.

The last appearance of Loki was in Thor: The Dark World. After faking his death at the hands of the Dark Elves, he slithered back to Asgard and disguised himself as Odin to secretly take the throne. Though it remains unclear whether the real Odin is dead or just helplessly imprisoned somewhere, either way, Loki is now the unofficial king of the Asgardians, and no one even suspects it. Source:

5. Will the New Avengers Be Able to Hack it?

Since it would seem that Thor and Hulk are going to be out of the Avengers lineup—at least for now—there’s cause for concern that the new Avengers team won’t be able to tackle threats on the same scale now that they’re without their heaviest hitters. If this appears to be the case, any secret super villains that have been lying low waiting for the perfect time to strike might seize this as their opportunity. Source:

4. Where Are the Missing Infinity Stones?

Going into Phase Three, we know the locations or holders of all but two of the Infinity Stones. So if we’re to assume that Avengers: Infinity War Parts 1 and 2 are a battle for the Stones and the Gauntlet, it would make sense that the other Stones get revealed in the Phase Three Movies leading up to the next Avengers climax. Source:

3. What is Thanos Planning to do With the Infinity Gauntlet?

No other Marvel character is recognized for having a bigger relationship with the Infinity Stones and the Infinity Gauntlet than the purple-skinned, raisin-chinned Dark Lord of the Cosmos—Thanos. But as things stand, he’s not even in possession of one measly Infinity Stone. The latest one to slip through his fingers was the Mind Stone, when it was taken from Loki’s staff and used to give life to Vision in Avengers: Age of Ultron. At the end of the movie, he’s seen picking up the Infinity Gauntlet and making the ominous declaration, “I’ll do it myself.” Whatever exactly it is that Thanos is preparing to do, chances are it’s going to be what sparks the Infinity War. Source:

2. Will Winter Soldier Be the New Captain America?

At the end of Captain America: Winter Soldier, Cap and The Falcon are on the hunt for The Winter Soldier, who’s also Steve Rogers’ childhood friend and brainwashed war buddy—Bucky Barnes. In Avengers: Age of Ultron, they still hadn’t tracked him down, but now the trailer for Captain America: Civil War has revealed that Bucky has been found and he’s recovered at least part of his memory. It also reveals that his friendship with Cap is still alive and that the two still place a lot of trust in one another. Could it be that Bucky is destined to take over the role of Captain America? For now we’ll just have to wait and see how things shake out after Civil War. Source:

1. What Direction Will Things Take After The Infinity War?

It seems pretty clear that the end of Phase Three is going to culminate with the two-part Infinity War in the Avengers movies. But from there it’s anybody’s guess were things will go. With new characters like Doctor Strange, Black Panther and Captain Marvel joining the fray, there’s an entirely new set of storylines with powerful villains just waiting to be explored. Who knows? Maybe by Phase Four the X-Men and all the rest of the Marvel mutants will officially be part of the MCU as well. Only time will tell. Source:
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