11 Things That Happen In Every “New” Adam Sandler Movie

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Adam Sandler plays a different character in every movie, yet somehow they all seem the same. Sandler is regarded as one of the most typecast actors in Hollywood, and while he has taken on serious roles, okay only one in 2007’s Reign Over Me, he has, again and again, played the “man-child.” With Sandler “acting” the same in almost every movie, a lot of other things seem to repeat themselves, especially in his most recent films. Check out 11 things that happen in every Adam Sandler movie.

11. Hot Wife/Girlfriend/Love Interest

Adam Sandler never was and never will be considered one of the best looking men in Hollywood, yet he never seems to fail to act alongside some of the hottest actresses. As Sandler usually plays an immature, can’t get his act together kind of guy, it is never really explained how these beautiful women end up with him. At first Sandler’s love interests included Winona Ryder in Mr. Deeds and Drew Barrymore in The Wedding Singer but recently he has been on-screen loved up with the likes of Salma Hayek, Jennifer Aniston and Brooklyn Decker.

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10. He’s Rich

Although he is often seemingly not responsible enough to look after his own children, let alone hold a really good job, in many of his newer films Sandler is rich. Aside from Billy Madison, where it is his father who is rich, in more recent movies Sandler has some odd job that earns him a lot of dough although there is no way he actually knows what he is doing.

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9. Product Placement

Kind of like that spoof product placement scene in Wayne’s World but not a joke is how different brands are portrayed in many of Sandler’s films, new and old. Popeyes couldn’t have asked for a bigger endorsement than in Little Nicky. Sandler switches up his fried chicken fast food joint though in Grown Ups where he blatantly promotes KFC.

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8. Adam Sandler Yells In An Obnoxious Voice

If you’ve never seen an Adam Sandler movie this one won’t make any sense, but if you have especially if you’ve seen many of his movies, you are hearing THIS voice right now. Sandler always plays a loud somewhat obnoxious character and at least once it goes over the top for at least one Sandler freak-out.

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7. There Is An Awesome Vacation

This is self explanatory but it is true, in almost every recent Sandler movie, he and his friends have jetted off to some cool place where they continue the same jokes.

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6. There Are Bratty Kids

Back in the day of Sandler films, the bratty kids were still kinda funny, “O’Doyle Rules!” but recently the bratty kids have transformed into Taylor Lautner and some weird showdown scenes between Sandler and the kids (see Grown Ups 2). It used to be funny when everyone knew kids like that would be disciplined, but now those kids disrespecting and swearing at their elders get away with it, and it’s not funny, its a social problem.

5. A Random Famous Actor Does A Cameo

This is where we get into all of the other famous faces that are bound to show up in a Sandler film. While he has his co-star regulars which we will get into later, there are always strange cameos by big names that really have nothing to do with the plot, they are just there.

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4. Peter Dante Or Allen Covert Or Both Show Up

Compare Sandler’s acting credits with Dante’s and then Covert’s and you will find several overlaps. While sometimes Dante and Covert are a big part of the film like in Little Nicky, recently they kind of just randomly show up because it is expected. Luckily they are both hilarious, so even if you were numb from how dumb the rest of the movie was, when these guys appear you’re usually back to laughing.

BIG DADDY, from left: Peter Dante, Allen Covert, 1999, ©Columbia Pictures Source: Sony Pictures

3. His Friends Are His Saturday Night Live Friends

Talk about overlapping movie credits. Chris Rock, David Spade and Kevin James are always there and when they aren’t he calls in some new SNL blood like Andy Samberg in That’s My Boy.

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2. He Learns An Important Life Lesson

This one is basic and applicable to many movies but after seeing so many Sandler films end in the same way it ALWAYS happens in his movies. Sandler’s man-child character finally grows up a little and realizes his real happiness is with his family, or wife and not in the money or whatever else he was chasing in the film.

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1. Rob Schneider Shows Up

Whether he was in it for the whole movie, or not, Rob Schneider is definitely going to show up at some point, in some random role and say something funny. Sandler and Schneider are well-known for appearing in each other’s films, that’s why it was so strange when Schneider was not only not in the friend group of Grown Ups 2 but didn’t even pop up at all.

Telisa Carter

Telisa Carter