10 Worst Plot Holes In Popular Films Source: Reelz

The thing about great movies is that we are so completely enraptured with watching the entire thing that at the end we just think, ‘That was awesome,’ and it isn’t until later do we question it. Of course, when we love a movie we don’t want to admit that it had some serious flaws, so when it comes to plot holes everyone has made up explanations and excuses for them, however the case remains that it would have been better had that explanation been included in the actual film! So, yes, these movies below are still hugely popular but there is no denying that they deprived us of vital information or on the flip side included something really dumb just for cinematic success.

10. Armageddon

Of all “The World Is Going To End” films that have come before and after it, 1998’s Armageddon will always be one of the best, mostly because of the excellent cast. Regardless, it was star Ben Affleck that pointed out a minor plot problem when in the commentary for the film he stated, “I asked Michael Bay, ‘wouldn’t it be easier to train astronauts to drill than to teach drillers how to be astronauts?’ To which he replied, ‘shut the f–k up, Ben.’” While we’re on this movie let’s also address the fact that at the beginning, NASA finds out they have 18 days until the asteroid hits and destroys earth. They then fly out to get oil driller Harry Stamper (Willis) who just fired A.J. Frost (Affleck) for sleeping with his daughter, after going with NASA, and being filled in on impending world doom, Stamper decides he needs his own crew, including A.J. When he finds A.J. he is running his own oil drilling business that is in full force and totally functional, complete with old looking “A.J. Frost Drilling” signs. How did it take one day maybe two for A.J. to start up an entire oil business? Source: Popular Science

9. The Hangover

We aren’t pretending like the films in The Hangover franchise are in any way cinematic masterpieces but they are hugely popular, and yeah, the plot is wildly unbelievable but Doug was trapped on the roof of the hotel for two days?? Sure he was definitely hungover and sunburnt but there is no way he just sat there for two days without figuring out some way to get down, what would happen if his friends never did find him? He would have just died up there due to lack of any attempt to help himself? Source: Den of Geek

8. Signs

In all fairness alien movies are really anything goes in terms of plot because no one, anyone who’s talking anyway, actually knows what aliens are capable of. However common consensus agrees that aliens are obviously way more advanced than humans, hence exploring the universe in spaceships. So why did the aliens in Signs not do a little recon on the planet they were about to invade and realize that it is two-thirds water, something so simple that kills them so easily? Heck, if it is their one weakness, their highly advanced ships should have water detection built into them. Source: Wikia

7. Planet Of The Apes

In the strange, but still not bad, Tim Burton remake of the Planet of the Apes from 2001 a timeline twist gives a whole new explanation to an Earth taken over by apes. In the film the planet run by apes begins when a primate research spaceship from the space station where Mark Wahlberg’s character works crashes into the planet. Therefore the humans and apes on board are the descendants from the spacecraft, leaving one glaring question, where did the horses come from? There wasn’t a horse, let alone two horses on board to create the thousands of horses used as transportation by everyone in the film. Sure, maybe they were already there but then the next film should be Planet of the Horses where they revolt from a history of being slaves to apes AND humans. Source: Fairbanks on Film

6. The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Similar to movies about aliens, not much explanation has to be given in the Jurassic Park films because humans never actually lived with dinosaurs, so once again–anything goes. But in the Jurassic Park sequel one thing is highly confusing. When the boat lands in San Diego, the entire crew is dead, but it wasn’t the T-Rex on board because it is still locked in the cargo hold, so how did they die? A deleted scene from the film reveals an escaped Velociraptor escaping the ship, signalling it is the murderer, but since this scene isn’t in the finished film, the deaths don’t make sense to audiences! Source:

5. Independence Day

Yup, another “You can’t prove it wouldn’t work” plot hole when it comes to aliens. In Independence Day, these aliens are violent and there to harvest all of Earth’s natural resources so it comes down to Jeff Goldblum to figure out how to stop them. Apparently these technologically advanced creatures are no match for the early 90s Mac computer, and your everyday virus. As anyone who has used even the Apple products of today knows, it’s never that easy to do anything, let alone to make it compatible with an alien spacecraft. We can’t even use the same chargers for a different version of phone…still an epic film, but come on. Source: Stackify

4. Indiana Jones- Raiders Of The Lost Ark

This one really is a head scratcher because as we all know, Indiana Jones is an awesome franchise and Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the best films of the group but even though it is always up to Indy to save the day, most of the trouble he faces in this movie really was all his fault. The Nazis, thinking they have found the Ark are actually digging in the wrong place and instead of just leaving it at that, knowing they won’t find it, Indiana Jones digs it up for them! Just to prove he really is the best archaeologist, Indy figures out where to dig and of course the Nazis are watching and get their hands on it right way. Good work, Jones. Source: Screen Junkies

3. Toy Story

Of all the blockbusters with major plot holes, this one seems to bug a lot of people, even though its significance really isn’t that great. While animated films are loved by people of many ages, Toy Story has attracted a huge fan base and they all want to know one thing. Why, if Buzz Lightyear really believes he is a space ranger and NOT a toy, freezes up with the rest of the toys when humans enter the room? Wouldn’t he go all space ranger meeting an alien species on them and try to make contact or something? Source: Reelz

2. Titanic

The on-screen romance of Jack (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose (Kate Winslet) aboard the doomed Titanic is still considered one of the best movie romances of all time, however, there are a few people who really question Rose’s love. Understandably they were in the middle of a major crisis but after surviving the initial sinking of the ship, you think they would try a bit harder to both fit on the door. There is tons of room and it isn’t like they don’t have time to at least try to balance it to get Jack on there beside Rose, nope instead she is perfectly content with holding his hand while he freezes to death in the water. “I’ll never let go Jack”…yeah, okay Rose, until he’s dead in your hands because you didn’t try hard enough.,65281.html Source: Flash Screen

1. Star Wars

Star Wars will forever be the epitome of science-fiction pop culture and after numerous films, books, TV series and unending references, there is still one gaping question- Why did the Star Destroyer commander decide to let the escape pod go? What would have made most sense would be if it got away undetected, but no, the pod holding the blueprints to the Death Star is brought to attention when it is “scanned for signs of life.” This in itself is stupid because of all the highly advanced robots around, it doesn’t have to have life in it to be dangerous, but the commander lets that be the decision to let it go in a situation where it would have been safer to just shoot down every pod anyway. Source: Wikia
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