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A young actress who has taken the world by storm in recent years, Jennifer Lawrence is one of the most popular and recognizable celebrities on the planet. Her fame not only comes from her exceptional (and Academy Award winning) talent, which she has used in dozens of fantastic films, but also from her glamorous looks and fun-loving personality. Although very much an A-list celebrity, she does not appear to have the stuffy personality we often associate with the mega-rich and mega-famous. Instead, we see a woman who is down to earth, funny, and essentially, very human. Here are 10 little known facts about the world’s favorite actress, J-Law.

10. She Was a Model Before an Actress

Lawrence is now plastered over dozens of magazines and appears to do as much modeling as she does acting, which is easy to understand, since she is a beautiful woman in addition to being a talented actress. Before her career took off as an actress, though, Jennifer took on a few modeling jobs. She also turned many down,because she was determined that acting was a natural fit for her. One of her first modeling jobs was for Abercrombie & Fitch, but she was disappointed to learn that none of her shots ended up in the catalogue. She later learned that the reason for this was that in the shoot, where she was supposed to play football, she committed too much and was too aggressive, with one model shrieking “Get her away from me!” With all the practice she has had since, it seems she has got the hang of it. Via

9. She Grew up on a Horse Farm

Coming from humble beginnings, Jennifer Lawrence grew up on a horse farm in Louisville, Kentucky. Here, her parents raised unbroken stallions (as they were cheaper), which Lawrence bravely learned how to ride. Although it saw her develop excellent horse riding skills, she also revealed to David Letterman that it is also the cause of a deformed tailbone – something she suffered from being thrown off of a horse. She grew up with two older brothers on the farm, who she claims are the reason that she often does not behave in a typical “girlish” way. At school, she was a cheerleader who also played softball, field hockey, and basketball. Her mother tried to stop her from playing with other girls, as she was worried that Jennifer was “too rough.” Via

8. She Was Voted “Most Talkative” in Seventh Grade

When you see any interview with Lawrence, you will notice that she’s extremely talkative. This is all a part of her charm. It’s not an act, either, and it dates back to her childhood where she was voted the “Most Talkative” in seventh grade. Although that makes it sound like she was popular and had many friends, she once revealed that this was not the case. She has described her childhood as an unhappy experience, where her hyperactivity and social anxiety caused her to be a misfit amongst her classmates and other children. Consequently, she hated all field trips, parties, and even recess. As she pursued a breakthrough into the industry, she explained this too as a lonely time in her life. She is now one of the most popular, likeable, and recognizable people on the entire planet. Via

7. She has a Tattoo on her Hand

Some may have noticed that Jennifer has a small tattoo on her hand, which can be difficult to make out. The tattoo is the H20 symbol, which is simply there to remind her to drink more water. She explained to Vogue:  “I never had a symbol or quote that was so important to me that I wanted it tattooed on me. So I was like, I’m going to need to stay hydrated. Forever. It’s very practical”. She has also pointed out that the obscure tattoo is not entirely accurate, as the “2” is placed high when it should actually be placed low. “I should have Googled it before I got it tattooed on by body”, she said. Via

6. She Auditioned For (But Didn’t Get) Other Major Roles

Jennifer Lawrence has excelled in every role she has taken on. So much so, that it is now difficult to picture anyone else playing those roles. As it turns out, there are a handful of other major roles that she auditioned for, but did not get. Some of these roles include Bella Swan in the Twilight series (who ended up being played by Kristen Stewart), Lisbeth Salander in the movie adaptation of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Rooney Mara), and Jules in Superbad (Emma Stone). Those three actresses were great in those roles, and it’s difficult to imagine Lawrence taking them on. Had she landed any of them, her career could have taken a very different trajectory. This would be particularly true if she landed the Twilight role, as that series proved to be extremely polarizing and has faced heavy criticism from critics.

5. She Graduated High School Two Years Early

With a passion for performing and interest from talent scouts, Jennifer Lawrence was determined from a young age to pursue a career in acting. Her parents had their reservations, however, but agreed to let her audition for roles after being persuaded by the CESD Talent Agency. Her mother then agreed to let her pursue her dreams, as long as she graduated from high school. Determined to get her education, Lawrence became home-schooled in Los Angeles and graduated an entire two years early with a 3.9 GPA. She then attempted to break into the industry, with a minor role in the 2006 made-for-tv film Company Town being her debut. After appearing in a handful of TV shows, she landed a role as a regular on the TBS sitcom The Bill Engvall Show (seen below) where she played the role of rebellious teen Lauren. Via

4. She Went to Extremes to Land Her Role in Winter’s Bone

Although it was not her first role, Lawrence first broke through with her compelling performance in 2010’s Winter’s Bone. Playing the poverty-stricken teen Ree Dolly, who cares for her mentally ill mother and younger siblings, Jennifer earned an Oscar nomination for Best Actress – making her the second-youngest nominee ever. The director, Debra Granik, originally told her that she was too pretty for the role. So Lawrence attempted to change her mind by taking a red-eye to New York, walking 13 blocks in the snow, causing her to show up with a runny nose, and she did not wash her hair for weeks. These extreme measures clearly worked, as she landed the role and exceeded in it. This paved the way for many roles to come and showed that she was a performer committed to the role. Via YouTube

3. She Has No Formal Acting Training

Lawrence has proved an exceptional actress and shown her versatility through taking on different roles in different genres (comedy, drama, horror etc.) Interestingly enough, she has no formal acting training and was not even enrolled in the drama program at her school. At a very young age, she would perform for her father as a clown or ballerina as he worked from home. Her first acting role was at the age of nine in a church play based on the Book of Jonah, where she played a prostitute. A family member later told her mother, “we don’t know whether to congratulate you or not, because your kid’s a great prostitute.” She performed in a number of other church productions and school musicals, before being spotted by a talent scout during a family vacation in New York City. This set her on the path to stardom. Via

2. She is the Youngest Actress to be Nominated for Two Best Actress Oscars

Jennifer Lawrence first broke through in Winter’s Bone, seeing her earn an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress at just 20-years old. This made her the second youngest Best Actress nominee ever, at the time. In 2012, Lawrence shined in David O. Russell’s comedy-drama Silver Linings Playbook, where she played recently widowed Tiffany Maxwell. Lawrence was once again nominated, but this time she would scoop the prize, which made her the youngest actress to ever be nominated for two Best Actress awards. She also became the second youngest to win the prestigious award (22 years and 193 days), with Marlee Matlin winning in 1986 for her performance in Children of Lesser God (21 years and 218 days). If she continues on her current path, it is easy to see Lawrence adding many more prestigious awards to her resume. Via

1. She Almost Turned Down the Role of Katniss Everdeen

While Jennifer Lawrence has found plenty of fame and success outside of The Hunger Games films, it is this franchise that launched her into a global megastar. Playing the lead character, Katniss Everdeen, Lawrence has been recognized by The Guinness World Records as being the highest grossing action heroine. But that almost was not the case. After being offered the part, J-Law took three days to decide. She had reservations that starring in a major franchise like The Hunger Games would have too big of an impact on her personal life and not necessarily for the better. This came after seeing the negative impact that Kristen Stewart suffered from playing the lead role of Bella Swan in the Twilight movies. Of couurse, now it’s incredibly difficult to imagine anyone else playing the role of Katniss. It has certainly changed Lawrence’s life in many different ways. Via
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