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10 Things We Want To See In Kung Fury 2

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If you haven’t seen the YouTube sensation short-film Kung Fury yet, you are missing out. It is the perfect tribute to some of the best (or worst) movie genres of the 80s — kung fu and police action. Some people may think it’s a dumb way to spend 30 minutes, but those people are wrong and probably aren’t fun at parties. We can’t wait for David Sandberg (who wrote, directed, and starred in the film) to fire up the camera and continue the story. Kung Fury was crowdfunded on Kickstarter for $630,000 and probably made a ton of new fans already. It amassed over 13 million views in its first week on YouTube. We would definitely throw a couple bucks towards a sequel.

10. Interaction With Triceracop

We don’t know about about Triceracop. Kung Fury dismisses him as a new partner early in the film, insisting he works alone. The rejection doesn’t seem to deter Traceracop from risking his own life to travel back in time to help save Kung Fury. When the battle is over, they even share a warm hug. But that just creates more questions than it answers. Who is Triceracop? What inspired him to join law enforcement? And most importantly, will Kung Fury and Triceracop become great partners together?

9. Insane Hacking Skills

Said by Kung Fury himself to be “the most powerful hacker of all-time,” Hackerman uses his insane technological skills to bend time and space. Somehow, he can also turn himself into a cyborg and bring people back to life by hacking away bullet wounds. We wonder what other neat tricks he can come up with for Kung Fury’s next battles. Maybe hacking in space? Or hacking without a computer at all?

8. Less Hitler

We already know that Hitler survives his fight with Kung Fury, and is last seen riding his golden eagle high above the streets of Miami. A sequel will certainly have to address this attempt at revenge, but we hope it’s short and sweet. It’s not that Hitler is a bad villain, we are just hoping for new, off-the-wall enemies for Kung Fury to do battle with.

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7. More Characters

A crowdfunded film is obviously going to have a limited budget to pay actors with, but we really hope the cast of characters grows a little bit in the sequel. Maybe introduce a love interest for Kung Fury. He did have a girl over at his apartment in the first few minutes of the movie. At the very least, we need to get Barbarianna and Katana, the viking valkyries, some more screen time. Come to think of it, he also gave those Viking babes his phone number.

6. Longer Version

David Sandberg originally spent $5,000 producing the trailer. After people loved it, a Kickstarter project was launched, needing $200,000 for a 30-minute short and $1,000,000 for a full-length feature film. Sadly, the fundraising only reached $630,000, meaning the internet was graced with only a half-hour of Kung Fury intensity. Now that people have a taste for it, we hope that Sandberg can find funding for a longer version.

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5. The Backstory Of The Red Ninja

The Red Ninja was one of the characters that was gone before we even had a chance to know him. He is described as a Kung Fu master before he magically escapes handcuffs and slices Dragon, Kung Fury’s police partner, in half with one swing of his blade. Luckily, Kung Fury was struck my lightning and bitten by a cobra at that exact moment, giving him the Kung Fu mastery needed to defeat the Red Ninja. But who was the mysterious red warrior?

4. Backstory of Dragon

“You’re like a father to me.”

That’s how Kung Fury describes his relationship with his original partner on the force, a man only known as Dragon. Which is kind of weird, since they look roughly the same age. But that’s not the point. We want to see how their law enforcement partnership — and obvious bromance — developed.

3. More Kung Fu

The scene where Kung Fury furiously mows down hundreds of Nazi soldiers with a dazzling display of Kung Fu might was a treat to watch. In the sequel, we want to see more epic fight scenes and even deadlier martial arts action. A bigger budget would help make this a reality.

2. Beast Battles

We’ve already witnessed the battle between Katana’s talking T-Rex and Hitler’s golden eagle. It was an epic as it sounds. We know that both of them eventually survive the fight, setting up an a potential rematch. But more than that, we want to see what other kinds of animals, robots, transformers, or cyborgs will engage is gigantic warfare in the name of evil and justice. Also, we want to see more laser raptors.

1. One-Liners

The greatest thing about 80s action movies were the one-liners. After needlessly blowing something to smithereens, the hero would light a cigar and deliver a line so cringe-worthy that it instantly transformed into awesome. Arnold Schwarzenegger was perhaps the king of one-liners, but don’t forget the Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis, or Jesse Ventura for their incredible quips. The best offerings from Kung Fury?

“Tank you.” (After crushing two Nazi’s with a tank.)

“I’m going to disarm you.” (Before tearing off a Nazi’s arm and beating him with it.)

More please.

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