10 Things That Movies Have Taught Us About High School Source:

High school is one of those things that just looks better in the movies. The actors and actresses have flawless skin, impeccable fashion sense and little to no homework. Their problems also seem pretty trivial. If this is what high school is supposed to look like, sign us up! It sometimes feels like we’ve learned so much from the movies, especially in regards to high school. Unfortunately, most of it is pretty ridiculous. It just doesn’t hold any weight in real life. We’ve decided to round up 10 of the most absurd things we’ve learned about high school in the movies – enjoy!

10. Rich, blond girls are always the most popular. Source:

9. The mean guys and girls always get what they deserve. Source:

8. Every difficult situation has an easy solution. Source:

7. It’s okay to totally transform yourself for a guy. Source:

6. Students are usually smarter than their teachers. Source:

5. Uptight girls can learn to loosen up by hooking up with a juvenile delinquent. Source: Huffington Post

4. Everyone needs a makeover – it will totally improve your life. Source: Elle

3. Losing your virginity holds so much importance. Source:

2. Prom is one of the defining moments in a teenager’s life. Source:

1. The good guys (and girls) almost always get a happy ending. Source:
Cate Willikers

Cate Willikers