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Death scenes in films are normally supposed to be moments that evoke a serious reaction in the viewer, whether it be sadness, anger or more. However, sometimes a movie death is just so overdone or so unrealistic and horribly acted that we just have to laugh. This laughing tends to downplay the seriousness of the death in the film, which can change the entire audience’s view on the movie.

Now, some of the deaths on this list were intentionally made to be hilarious, while others were just so bad that they were funny. Check out our list of some of the most hilarious movie deaths ever.

Warning: Some of these videos contain graphic content and language.

10. Julius in Jason Takes Manhattan

In this film, Julius is one of the main characters who is going up against legendary bad guy, Jason Vorhees. In the movie, you see that Julius is a talented boxer, so that might give him a chance, right? Wrong. When Julius comes face to face with Jason, he hits the masked man with over 50 unanswered punches that barely even make Jason flinch. Then Jason uncorks one huge punch that actually removes Julius’s head clean from his body in one of the most laughable and over the top deaths in the entire Friday the 13th series.

9. White Boy Bob in Out of Sight

While the actual character of White Boy Bob will never go down as one of the best villains in film history, his death scene certainly deserves a spot on this list. His death scene is simple, well executed and right to the point. In the scene, White Boy Bob has George Clooney’s character at gunpoint and now just has to ascend the stairs to confront him. However, due to his clumsiness and not watching the stairs as he runs them, White Boy Bob trips up the stairs and, as he falls, shoots himself right in the head as Clooney’s character looks on in amazement. This is one you can watch over and over and still appreciate.

8. Samuel L. Jackson in Deep Blue Sea

This one surprised viewers probably more than any other one on this list. Samuel L. Jackson’s character of Russell Franklin was the main character in Deep Blue Sea and no one thought he would die. The scene began with a visibly distraught Sam Jackson and his crew panicking after being stranded in a flooding underwater research center. In an effort to rally the troops, Jackson begins an inspirational speech but before he is able to finish it, he is devoured by a monstrous shark out of nowhere. Complete with horrifically bad CGI, this cheesy death definitely belongs on this list.

7. Vizzini in The Princess Bride

Despite a moderately successful perfromance at the box office when it was released, The Princess Bride has accumulated a cult following in recent years. The film’s main villain is Vizzini, who is thought to be a criminal genius and was hired by the prince to kidnap and kill Buttercup. When the hero tries to save the damsel in distress, Vizzini challenges him to a battle of wits “to the death.” After believeing he got the upper hand and won, Vizzini begins to gloat and taunt about how smart he is, before hilariously toppling over dead mid-laugh. The way he just toppled over without warning was both surprising and exactly what the audience wanted to see.

6. Kananga in Live and Let Die

Dr. Kananga is the primary antagonist and villain in the 1973 James Bond film, Live and Let Die. In the film, he is a drug kingpin and the dictator of the made up Caribbean island called San Monique. After escaping certain death in Kananga’s base of operations, Bond then proceeds to brawl and tussle with the villain. After gaining the upper hand and pulling Kananga into the pool, Bond then feeds him a pill of compressed air which inflates Kananga like a balloon before he violently explodes in the air. The fact that a main villain in a Bond movie dies in such a cheesy and poorly executed manner is hilarious.

5. Marvin in Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction is chalked full of darkly hilarious scenes and lines, but this scene takes the cake. In the grand scheme of the film, Marvin is a minor character, but his death is among the most memorable in Pulp Fiction. While riding in the back seat of a car, Travolta’s character leans back to ask Marvin his opinion on something, but mid-sentence, he accidently shoots Marvin in the face which splatters blood all over everything. This then inspires perhaps the best line in the film, which is “Oh man, I shot Marvin in the face.” His tone sounds more like he just admits to accidentally spilling a beer, not just accidentally murdering a man.

4. Arabic Swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark

This is one of the most memorable scenes in the great Indiana Jones classic film, and is one of the most hilarious death scenes of all time. In this scene, it shows Indiana Jones attempting to flee from a number of Arabic Swordsman who are chasing him around in a busy market. After the crowd clears, we are left with Jones and a lone swordsman, who is looking for a fight. But Jones quickly remembers he has a gun, and just shoots the man out of the blue in this hilarious scene. What makes this scene even better is that it was apparently improvised and not even in the script. The plan was to have an elaborate sword fight, but when Harrison Ford wasn’t feeling good, they decided to go in this hilarious direction.

3. Thornton in Deadly Prey

This is one of the cheesiest and overdone scenes on this list, but that is what makes it so hilarious and why it is even on this list. This scene begins with Mike Danton coming up and seeing the character Thornton shoot and kill a woman, which sends him into a MAJOR fit of rage. After somehow dodging numerous gun shots, Danton proceeds to chop off Thornton’s arm in perhaps the most unrealistic way imaginable. Then comes the best part; Danton grabs the dismembered arm and proceeds to beat Thornton to death with his own arm before scalping him.

2. Bobba Fett in Return of the Jedi

It is unbelievable that a movie as popular and legendary as Return of the Jedi, and a character as important and beloved as Bobba Fett would be on this list, but if you saw his death scene, you’d have to agree. Throughout the movie, Fett is postured as a menacing enemy who is wreaking havoc as an intergalactic bounty hunter. But unfortunately, the first time we see him in action, it seems like he belongs in a Three Stooges movie. Fett is no match for Hans Solo who, with one swipe, sends the bounty hunter hilariously flying through the air, into a wall, before he is engulfed by a sand pit.

1. Ferruh in Kareteci Kız

The only way to describe this scene is horrifically hilarious. This is a largely unknown Turkish film that was released in 1973. The film was not popular in the Western world at all, but once the internet came about it, footage of a death scene appeared on Youtube and quickly gained popularity. The scene features main character Zeynep fatally shooting the main antagonist Ferruh. She shoots him several times while he lets out an unending scream and falls around sluggishly in perhaps the worst attempt to sell a death. You have to see this scene.


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