10 Celebrities That Have Received Creepy Gifts From Fans Source: YouTube

As we can all attest to, receiving gifts is something very exciting for children and adults alike. And as you could imagine, celebrities receive their fair share of these from a number of outlets such as family, companies and even fans.

Now, most of the presents that celebrities receive from their fans are heartfelt and positive. But every now and then, they receive some absolutely crazy, weird and shocking gifts, which will be the focal point of this article.

10. Avril Lavigne

From the early 2000s to the present day, Avril Lavigne has been one of most popular and successful acts in the pop-punk music genre, garnering her millions of fans all over the world. While we are sure most of these fans are normal, everyday individuals, one stands out as being a little bit weird. During an appearance in Japan, Lavigne received a dead rabbit from a local fan. In some parts of the world, dead rabbits can be a form of good luck, so this could have been a well-meaning gesture, but to Lavigne it just came across as super creepy. Source:

9. Zac Efron

Zac Efron achieved worldwide fame with the High School Musical series of films, and has since developed a successful career as a highly sought after actor. And his status as a Hollywood heartthrob has attracted a large following of young females, some of whom would do anything to get closer to him. In fact, one fan took this to any extreme when they sent Efron a piece of their skin, which the actor was understandably very unsettled by. Source:

8. Norman Reedus

Norman Reedus is best known for portraying the character of Daryl Dixon on the popular series The Walking Dead. The show has achieved cult-like status with an extremely dedicated following, so there are bound to be a couple of weirdos among the bunch. However, one definitely stands out from the rest. During an appearance at a fan event, Reedus received a gift in the form of a two-headed squirrel. The fan apparently sewed a second squirrel head to an already taxidermied squirrel. If that doesn’t belong on this list of creepy gifts, we don’t know what does. Source:

7. Jonas Brothers

Throughout the mid-2000s the Jonas Brothers were perhaps the hottest boy band out there, accumulating millions of screaming fans, many of whom showered the trio with gifts. But all three brothers are in agreement on which was the creepiest gift they ever received: a baby shark. At an event, a female fan gifted them a tiny baby shark that was preserved in a tube. The brothers admit they are still baffled as to how the girl came in possession of the gift and why she gave it to them. Source:

6. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is among the most famous, beloved and popular performers of our generation, generating immense attention everywhere she goes. In fact, Swift might just be the biggest A-list celebrity on this list, so it is no surprise that her creepy gift is among the weirdest as well. A strange fan thought it would be a generous to present Swift with a real turtle shell, covered in hand-draw picture of the singer. Evidently using paper didn’t seem like it would garner enough attention. Source:

5. Daniel Radcliffe

Having played the much-beloved and iconic character of Harry Potter for a decade, it is no surprise that Daniel Radcliffe has amassed millions of fans that feel they have a direct connection with him because of his role in the films. While he has admitted to receiving a number of relatively creepy gifts from fans all over the world, there is one that takes the cake. Radcliffe once had a fan send him a photo of a milk bottle at a front door. Doesn’t seem all that weird, does it? Well, as it turned out, the front door in the image was his own. Source:

4. One Direction

One Direction is probably the most popular boy band since the Backstreet Boys, and thus they have legions of teenage girls freaking out at every appearance and gifting them some of the oddest things you could ever imagine. For example, Harry Styles once received a toilet seat as a birthday gift from a fan. And someone mailed Niall Horan a tampon to his home address. No word if the tampon was used or not, and to be honest, we’d rather not know. Source:

3. Kesha

Despite not being in the spotlight as much lately, Kesha’s popularity a couple of years ago attracted a devoted fan base, which is evident through the strange gifts they’ve sent her. Now, this entry is different than the others on this list because Kesha actually asked her fans to send her the creepy items. In early 2014, while she was in rehab, Kesha asked fans to send her teeth to create artwork. However, the rehab clinic would not allow real human teeth to be accepted by Kesha. But you can bet that, at her request, thousands of fans sent their teeth to the facility during her stay. Source:

2. Dolly Parton

While a lot of today’s generation may not know much about Dolly Parton, she was an extremely famous singer and the most honored female country music star of all time. This worldwide fame amassed her millions of dedicated fans, some of whom were pretty unusual. One such fan gave her the creepiest gift she has ever received: an actual human baby. When her song “Jolene” was a big hit, a woman actually left a baby (named “Jolene”) at Dolly Parton’s doorstep. She eventually found the baby a good home and still have no idea who or where it came from. Source:

1. Jared Leto

The celebrity who has received the weirdest gift of all time from a fan is none other than Oscar-winning actor and musician Jared Leto. The item that puts him at the top of this list is a human ear, which the fan cut off of themselves. The only thing that accompanied the ear was a note that said “Are you listening?,” which only adds to the creepiness. Leto actually decided to make a necklace of the ear and wear it around. When people didn’t believe him, he posted a picture of the ear with a string through it, along with the caption from the note. Source: YouTube

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