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Let’s be honest, there are a lot of annoying actors out there—male and female. And by annoying, we’re talking about their acting style not their personal life. Yes, many celebrities are irritating in their everyday lives, but here we’re talking about actors and actresses who are annoying on screen. People who have irritating acting styles, habits or mannerisms. Or who always play the same character time and again. Many of these actors leave you wondering how they continue getting acting jobs. How is this person still in movies, you ask? Here to help debunk that mystery is a list of 10 actors and actresses that everyone finds annoying.

10. Ashton Kutcher

He’s not that good an actor and he’s not that funny. And, he’s no longer married to Demi Moore. Yet despite these shortcomings, Ashton Kutcher has carved out a decent career for himself playing good looking and likeable morons. And to be sure, most of his success has come on television with starring roles on That ‘70s Show and Two and a Half Men. Ashton Kutcher’s movie career has been a stinker to date with one lame romantic comedy after another, such as What Happens In Vegas and No Strings Attached. And yet, despite his poor performance at the box office, Hollywood executives continue to take chances on Ashton Kutcher. He most recently starred as Apple founder Steve Jobs in a biopic of the great man that was not well received. Source:

9. Renée Zellweger

The squinty eyes, the pursed lips and that whiny voice. Actress Renée Zellweger has been a curiosity since she burst onto the scene in 1996’s Jerry Maguire. Even her last name is annoying to pronounce. And despite her constantly being annoying and behaving the same way in every one of her films, Renée Zellweger found success in Hollywood with hit movies such as Bridget Jones’s Diary and Chicago. She even won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress for her irritating turn in the 2003 movie Cold Mountain, which famously had her kill a chicken with her bare hands. Yet, Renée Zellweger’s annoying factor seemed to catch up with her, as she disappeared from movie screens in 2010 and hasn’t been seen since. However, she did reemerge last year sporting a seemingly new face. Her plastic surgery transformation went viral on the Internet, as she seems to have had her squinty eyes opened and now looks completely different. A comeback is now in the works with a new Bridget Jones movie going into production. Source:

8. Russell Brand

Russell Brand is one of those comedians that nobody finds funny and everyone wonders what he’s doing in movies. A former drug addict who looks and dresses like a gypsy, Russell Brand tries way too hard to be funny and it just doesn’t work. Apparently he and his ex-wife Katy Perry called it quits after Saturday Night Live asked Perry to host the comedy show rather than him. And Katy Perry isn’t a comedian. Fortunately, Hollywood executives seem to have caught on after a few turkeys hit cinemas such as Get Him to the Greek and a lousy remake of the classic film Arthur. These days, the movie roles are few and far between for Russell Brand, who lately has been focusing on blogs and podcasts—most of which concern political commentary rather than humor. Source:

7. Robert Pattinson

Like a lot of teen idols, Robert Pattinson is guilty of being a good looking kid with a pinch of charisma and no real talent. That combination certainly worked for the awful Twilight movie franchise that he starred in, but it hasn’t quite translated into the movies he’s done since then. And while Robert Pattinson has tried to pick edgy adult independent movies in recent years, such as Cosmopolis, Maps to the Stars and The Rover, his performances in these films have been pretty stilted and annoying—as have the movies themselves. And while he continues to get work in Hollywood, nobody is really sure why. Certainly Team Edward fans of the Twilight saga have moved on. Maybe it’s time we all did. Source:

6. Kristen Stewart

While we’re throwing Robert Pattinson under the bus, we might as well include his Twilight co-star and onscreen love interest Kristen Stewart. I swear, if this actress bites her lower lip one more time, I’m going to scream. Kristen Stewart plays the same sad sack, disaffected, insecure character in every movie, and she has the emotional range of a chair. Seeing her opposite heavyweight actress Julianne Moore in Still Alice just reinforces the fact that she can’t act. She was even bad in the Twilight movies—which went out of their way to try and make her look good. And she gave a bad performance as Joan Jett in the film The Runaways. She starred as a stoner in this summer’s movie American Ultra, but did anyone notice or care? Source:

5. Jeremy Davies

Hollywood is littered with character actors who spend their time and energy trying to be quirky and interesting. Unfortunately, most of these “characters” just end up being annoying and ruining the movies they’re in. Case in point, Jeremy Davies. This actor has spent his career twitching, convulsing and stuttering his way from one bad performance to another. And he’s been consistently the worst thing in A-list projects such as Solaris with George Clooney, Rescue Dawn with Christian Bale and Steven Spielberg’s Saving Private Ryan. How this scrawny actor continues to get work is a mystery. He’s most recently slid down to supporting roles on television shows such as Justified and Texas Rising. And, making him even more annoying, has taken to wearing a 1980s style mullet in every show he appears in. Brutal. Source:

4. Shia LaBeouf

Yeah, this guy is annoying both onscreen and off. But let’s stay focused on the movie irritants. What makes this guy cringeworthy and super annoying is the fact that he is a scrawny, nerdy looking guy who has made a career for himself trying to play tough guy characters in movie franchises such as Transformers and Indiana Jones. The guy has been totally unbelievable as a street punk (iRobot), moonshiner (Lawless) and a soldier (Fury). And he was utterly ridiculous in the sex film Nymphomaniac. Add to this annoyance reported onset tantrums and fights with directors and co-stars, and it all adds up to one giant pain in the ass. And while directors such as Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg have realized the error of their ways in casting Shia LaBeouf in their movies, other directors and producers in Hollywood have yet to smell the coffee with this guy.,manual Source:

3. Tina Fey

I know you may be surprised to see Tina Fey on this list, but hear us out on this one. While Tina Fey is a good comedy writer and was a decent host on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment, she is not a good actress and her forays into movies have been sad—Mean Girls aside. This is because Tina Fey is too smug, too self-satisfied and always makes herself the center of attention. And she basically always plays the same sarcastic smartass in every movie she shows up in. If you don’t believe us, check out last year’s stinker This Is Where I Leave You. Supposed star vehicles such as Baby Mama and Date Night fell short of the mark. Tina Fey would be better off if she stuck to what she does well—writing comedy for other people to perform, preferably better actors and actresses. Source:

2. Giovanni Ribisi

This guy has been annoying since he guest starred on an episode of Highway to Heaven as a kid. Few other actors are weirder and more annoying than Giovanni Ribisi. We’re not even sure what he’s doing on the screen half the time. He spends a lot of time muttering to himself, laughing under his breath and averting his gaze. And yet, despite all his weird mannerisms and ticks, this actor continues to find work in quality movies such as Avatar, The Rum Diary and Selma. Most upsetting, Giovanni Ribisi seems to have fallen in good with Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, who has used him in all the films he’s directed to date. Geez, you’d think that Giovanni Ribisi would be the type of guy Seth MacFarlane would make fun of, not work with. And yet, wasn’t Giovanni Ribisi the worst thing in the movie Ted? He’s certainly not funny. Not intentionally anyway. Source:

Paul Dano

The best thing about actor Paul Dano’s breakout role in the 2006 movie Little Miss Sunshine was that he played a character who had taken a vow of silence and didn’t speak. And by not speaking, Paul Dano seems to have fooled people into thinking he can act. But since Little Miss Sunshine, this actor has turned in one super annoying performance after another and ruined nearly every movie he’s been in—from Cowboys and Aliens and There Will Be Blood to Knight and Day and Prisoners. The problem is that this guy spends most of his time screaming and contorting his face into pained expressions. He’s one of those guys who “feels it” even when nobody else does. And rather than act he spends his time forcing himself to emote. The whole schtick is tiresome and needs to be put to bed. If you’ve got to cast this guy in a movie, take a cue from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine and keep his mouth shut. Less really is more in his case. Source:
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