How to Find a Budget-Friendly Lawn Care Service

You probably assume that taking care of your lawn yourself is the cheapest, most cost effective option. But did you know that you could actually hire professional help at an affordable price – saving yourself both time and money? All you have to do is search online to find a budget-friendly lawn care service right now.

Many people try to cut down on lawn care costs by doing the work themselves. However, when it comes to lawn maintenance, you might wind up spending more this way. A lawn care expert could help you save money by offering professional services that make it easier to achieve a green, well-cared-for yard.

If you’re wondering if a lawn care service can fit in your budget, here’s what you need to know.

Why Hire a Professional Lawn Care Service?

There are plenty of reasons to hire a professional lawn care service. Some of the biggest benefits are saving time, money, and effort over time.

Trying to tackle your lawn’s maintenance on your own comes with a lot of hidden drawbacks. However, when you enlist the expertise of a professional lawn care service, you can save on tasks and purchases like:

  • Equipment: You won’t need to buy a lawn mower, trimmer, or any other maintenance or landscaping tools. Also, you don’t have to pay for the upkeep of these tools, like gas, seals, spark plugs, or blade sharpening.
  • Fertilizer and Pesticides: You won’t need to purchase lawn care products like fertilizer and pesticides. While these can be minor expenses, they can add up quickly if you find yourself facing a pest problem, struggling to get your lawn to grow, or have a large lawn.
  • Regular Upkeep: Forget about spending weekends maintaining your lawn. You won’t have to give up time to weed, fertilize, mow, or perform other important regular tasks for your lawn and garden.

Ultimately, caring for your lawn comes with costs, both financially and labor-wise. Instead, you may be able to reduce these costs if you pay for the professional help of a lawn care service.

Know Average Lawn Care Service Costs

Before you begin searching for lawn care services, make sure you understand what the going rate is for different types of lawn care. Considering every company will charge its own prices, be willing to compare companies. You don’t want to wind up paying more than you should. Your goal should be to find affordable pricing for the services you need.

For the following common lawn care services, you can expect to pay:

  • Fertilization: Between $0.08 and $0.44 per square foot of yard.
  • Weeding: Between $12 and $40.
  • Tree trimming and pruning: Between $292 and $638.
  • Leaf removal: Between $208 and $325.
  • Aerating: Between $0.10 and $0.35 per square foot.

These average costs can help you assess whether you’re paying a fair price, getting a great deal, or paying too much. Be aware that costs can vary depending on where you live and how extensive you’d like your lawn care to be. How well-maintained your lawn is and what kind of state it’s in can also affect pricing.

Ask About Off-Season Discounts

Lawn care is most in-demand during the warmest months of the year. Everyone wants their lawn to look attractive, lush, and green when spring and summer arrive. As such, lawn care services aren’t in need of new customers. This means they don’t have to lower their prices.

However, if you hire a lawn care service during the off-season, you can save money. During the off-season – the fall and winter months – lawn care companies need your business. In order to entice people to purchase their services, they often offer specials on treatments and maintenance. Therefore, you’re most likely to get a better deal if you shop for a lawn care service during the off-season.

Search for lawn care services in September through February to get lower prices. You can also directly ask companies about discounts for off-season work. This could be a great way to cut costs and might help you save money when springtime rolls around because your lawn has been well-cared for.

Consider À La Carte Services

Another way to cut the cost of a lawn care service is to only pay for what you need. While plenty of companies will offer full-service packages and pricing, you may not actually need all of the services they’re charging you money for.

Instead, ask about à la carte services and pricing. It might be cheaper to pay for select services. For instance, you could pay for mowing and trimming. Or, you can pay for landscaping your garden and pruning specific plants. You can cut out services like leaf removal or weeding if these are tasks you can do yourself without significant costs.

Ask for Quotes and Estimates

Lastly, take the time to shop around. You won’t know if you’re truly paying an affordable price unless you get quotes and estimates from a few different lawn care services.

Good news is that just about every lawn care service will offer you a free pricing estimate. When you find a lawn service that interests you, discuss your needs, your lawn and its features, and what it would cost to hire their services. They may even come to your home and assess your lawn for a more accurate quote.

This research will help you compare all the options available to you. By considering and collecting multiple quotes, you can determine which lawn care services offer the best value for your money. Make sure to search online and take the time to get estimates before making a final decision.

Goliath Team

Goliath Team

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