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World of Warcraft’s Demon Hunters Come With Game-Crashing Ability

This week, Blizzard allowed anyone who had pre-ordered the upcoming Legion expansion for World of Warcraft early access to the new Demon Hunter class, with everyone else having to wait until the game releases officially on August 30th. However, along with their bad-ass design and cool weapons comes a pretty hilarious bug that you can probably use to troll your friends.

It turns out, while playing as a Demon Hunter, if you hold your forward (W) and backwards (S) movement keys at the same time, and attempt to double-jump, your game will instantly crash. Normally, we can’t see that coming up very often unless you’re doing it deliberately, and we’d expected that to get patched fairly quickly, but until then, why not have a little fun with it? This could replace asking people “Hey, what’s the command to leave your guild?” as the new scourge of Trade chat! For even more fun, for all you Shadow Priests out there, apparently this also works if you Mind Control an enemy Demon Hunter player, so, you know, use that knowledge responsibly.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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