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World of Warcraft Player Finds Unexpected Obstacle To Playing New Expansion

One of the most anticipated parts of the new World of Warcraft expansion is the ability for all players to get their own artifact weapons, giving them access to some of the most famous weapons in the history of Azeroth. To do so, players are expected to fulfill a series of quests involving some of the game’s greatest heroes, usually ones relevant to their class. For the Druid class, that involves talking with a faction called the Cenarion Circle, which has been located in the Moonglade region since the early days of the MMO. However, a problem arose for at least one Druid when they discovered that, due to actions they’d taken before the expansion arrived, they were completely locked out of getting their weapon, essentially preventing them from completing any of Legion’s content.

Before you get too up in arms, this wasn’t a bug, but more of an unintended visit from karma. You see, the Cenarion Circle faction is one of a few that starts the game Neutral towards players, which means it’s possible to attack their NPCs, suffering reputation losses as a result. Keep in mind, you can’t do this accidentally, you must deliberately choose this path, and there’s no achievement or benefit to doing so. Well, it seems this young Druid did exactly that, driving their reputation with the Circle all the way down to Hated, so faction members will attack them on sight. Source:

After everyone had a good laugh at the predicament, Blizzard actually stepped in and hotfixed the issue for anyone in a similar situation, so don’t worry, it’s a happy ending for everyone. Well, except for the Cenarion Circle, who kind of got screwed out of their totally justified revenge.

Stephen Randle

Stephen Randle

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