‘World of Warcraft’ Has Lost 44% Of Its Subscribers In Last Six Months

Activision, parent company of Blizzard, released their second quarter results this week. For the most part, things were very good, as they recorded $759 million in revenue (more than the $665 million they projected). Shares rose 6% and everyone was happy. Right?

Well, mostly. Turns out they also had a massive drop in one area of business, namely the number of monthly subscribers to World of Warcraft. According to Forbes, they are down to just 5.6 million paying users, the lowest point the game has been at since 2006. Just six months ago, numbers were around 10 million subscribers. That represents a 44% drop in users.

Luckily for Activision, other games have been picking up the slack. Between HearthstoneHeroes of the Storm and Destiny, there are 70 million registered players. The three games combined to make $1.25 billion this quarter, more than making up for the exodus of Warcraft players. Those microtransactions really add up.

Wade Wilson

Wade Wilson

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